11 Amazing Ways to Use Strawberry in your Beauty Routine

11 Amazing Ways to Use Strawberry in your Beauty Routine

Amazing Ways to Use Strawberry in your Beauty Routine

In this article, you will learn 11 amazing ways to use strawberry in your beauty routine.

Fruits have innumerable benefits when it comes to skin care. While eating them is beneficial, applying them as a scrub, mask or facial has remarkable effects on any skin type.

One of the most effective fruits one can find in an orchard is the luscious red wonder berry — the strawberry.

Delectable and yummy, it is a favorite of both grown-ups and kids. If used regularly, strawberries can work wonders in giving your face a shine and healthy glow.

Well, there’s nothing quite like the sweet taste of ripe strawberries. And you want to know something that makes strawberries even sweeter? They’re wonderfully versatile in DIY beauty hacks.

Thanks to their natural alpha-hydroxy acid (which helps get rid of dead skin cells), vitamin C, exfoliator-like seeds and antioxidants, they’re the perfect solution to your worst beauty problems.

11 Amazing Ways to Use Strawberry in your Daily Beauty Regime:

1. Boost your complexion

Beauticians have found out that the juice of this berry can help with skin lightening and also cures blemishes and acne marks effectively. Mash three to four strawberries in a bowl and filter the juice with a clean muslin cloth. Apply the juice all over the face. Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash off with cold water.

Use this mask thrice a week to reap the best benefits. It also reduces sun damage and minimizes the effects of ultraviolet rays on the skin. See 13 Common Face Washing Mistakes You Might Be Making

2. Treat acne

Mix half a cup of sliced strawberries with a spoon of sour cream. Mix it well. Apply the mixture as a mask and leave it on for 10 minutes. Since this berry has cleansing properties and contains salicylic acid, it helps in removing dead cells from the skin. It also tightens the pores and prevents further break outs.

Strawberries have been hailed for their effectiveness in removing impurities and are thus, used in a lot of face-washes as an active ingredient. See 6 Reasons why you Should Apply Lime Juice on your Face

3. Whiten Teeth

This is perhaps the best strawberry beauty hack as it allows you to still taste the berries. To lift stains, simply mush strawberries and rub them on your teeth for a minute or so.

The natural malic acid in strawberries will lift stains right off. Because of the sugars and acid, just make sure to brush right afterwards to keep teeth strong.

4. Exfoliate Skin

You can handle this in one of two ways: either cut a berry in half and rub it on your face or puree strawberries and apply the puree to your face. Either way, let the berry juice sit there for several minutes, and then rinse.

The alpha-hydroxy acid will help get rid of dead skin cells, without a harsh scrub. See 7 Easy Ways to Exfoliate your Skin Without a Scrub

5. A great toner

Grind a handful of strawberries and extract the juice. Add two tablespoons of this juice to 100 ml of cold rose water. Apply it with a cotton ball all over your face before going to bed. This is a great toner for every skin type.

For best results, do it daily and do not follow it with any night cream. The best thing about this homemade mix is that you can store it for 15 days in the refrigerator. Learn 10 Natural Ways to Look Beautiful without Makeup

6. A strawberry scrub for youthful skin

Take five to six strawberries and add two tablespoons of honey to the mixture. Mash the strawberries in a way that the seeds remain. Do not do away with the seeds. Add around three drops of warm water to the mixture.

Massage your skin with the mixture for 10 minutes in a circular and semi-circular motion. Then wash off with cold water. If done thrice a week, this scrub results in a youthful and glowing skin.

7. Lighten Lips

Strawberries can also help brighten up lips since the seeds will burnish away dead skin and the acids will promote cell turnover. Mush some strawberries, and scrub your lips for a couple of minutes with the mush. Let it sit on your skin for several minutes, then rinse.

8. Scrub Rough Feet

Since strawberries work as an exfoliator, they can help you get rid of unsightly calloused skin on your feet. Combine two heaping handfuls of ripe strawberries, an eighth of a cup of coconut oil and a small handful of kosher salt. Mix, scrub the affected area and then rinse.

9. Lighten Dark Marks

Because strawberries have so much vitamin C, exfoliating acid and antioxidants, they naturally lighten scars and freckles. Mash a couple of large strawberries, and add a splash of raw honey. Let the mixture sit on the affected area for a few minutes, and then rinse.

Complete daily until you see the results you want. It may take a few weeks. See How Vitamin C helps to Lighten and Protect the Skin

10. Strawberry milk mania

Two great ingredients come together to give you flawless skin. Take three strawberries and add seven spoons of milk. Crush them in a blender and use the mixture on your face as a mask first thing in the morning.

You will not need any cream to pull you through the day. An easy-to-do mask, this is helpful to people with dull and tired-looking skin.

11. Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes

Strawberries are a natural astringent and have anti-inflammatory properties. Simply slice up a strawberry, and put one slice under each eye. Leave it on for 10 minutes. Take off, rinse and complete with a moisturizer. See 9 Ways to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes