11 Facts About Men When They Fall In Love

11 Facts About Men’s Brains When They Fall In Love

Facts About Men

Facts about men! Falling in love can be one of the most spectacular experiences a person can have. The stage of meeting and getting to know each other, followed by slowly falling in love is truly a beautiful journey. We all know what it means to be blindly in love!

When in love, our brains and body function differently; sometimes oozing happy hormones or at other times, sulking because of a fight.

Quite interestingly, the brain of men takes a fascinating turn when they fall in love. Facts about men: Let’s decode what falling in love means in their brains.

11 Facts About Men’s Brains When They Fall In Love

1. Feeling ‘high’ in love

As opposed to what you’re thinking right now, men actually feel very elevated and in a state of bliss when they are with their partners. The brain produces a high level of a chemical called phenylethylamine (PEA) that makes people feel falling in love addictive and high.

The overlapping neurochemical responses in the same areas of the brain account for both drug addiction and love. And that’s why men appear so happily in love with their partners.

2. Men may fall in love faster than women

If it seems as if men typically fall in love faster than women, it could be chalked up to society’s gender roles. Men may feel as if they had to fulfill the expectation of taking a leadership role in a relationship. Thus jumping into relationships quickly in order to settle down.

On the flip side, a woman might take longer to fall in love because her focus is on selecting the best mate possible for reproduction. This is just a stereotype, however, as it obviously doesn’t apply to everyone.

3. Improper judgements

Men will consider their lady love to be perfect in all ways. They will never accept the fact that even their partner can have flaws, resulting in impaired judgements. This also causes them to overlook important aspects of the personality that may or may not project red flags in the relationship.

4. Love may help men quit smoking

A new romantic relationship may change a man’s brain chemistry in a way that makes it easier for him to stop using addictive drugs, like cigarettes. So if a dude suddenly ditches his smoking habit once he starts dating you, he very well may be falling in love.

5. Sense of euphoria

The brain releases a high amount of dopamine, the feel-good hormone which helps men to feel euphoric. This also causes the heart to beat faster and palms to get sweaty as men feel really attracted to their partners.

6. Everyone else fades away

When they’re truly in love, it can be tough for many heterosexual males to “see” other folks in the dating pool. This is yet another effect of good ol’ oxytocin, which has been found to enhance the brain’s reward system when a man looks at his partner’s face.

As their brains bathes in feel-good chemicals, they’ll feel certain their partner is more attractive and desirable than anyone else.

7. Positive memories

When induced with a feeling of wholesome love, men will automatically start associating with positive thoughts and feelings. It will help them to create new, positive memories with their partner. And will also help them get rid of emotional hurt or baggage from their previous relationships.

8. Their chemistry changes as the relationship goes on

Let’s say you just started dating a man. If you somehow had access to a brain scan and were able to take a peek inside their head, you’d actually be able to tell whether or not they’re going to stay in love with you long-term.

Brain scans at the beginning of the relationship can predict who will still be in a strong relationship 40 months later. That isn’t to say, however, that it will be the same type of love experienced in the early days.

Over time, the brain chemistry in men may change as the relationship shifts from intensely passionate to more familiar, comfortable, and intimate. However, some men and women remain intensely, passionately in love even 20 years later. Those individuals still show activation of the reward areas of the brain.

9. Fear of social judgements

When in love, men also seem to let go of their fear of societal judgements. They start acting all adorable and mushy with their partner and, most importantly, aren’t afraid to indulge in a little PDA as well. Your man will not hesitate to hold hands because he doesn’t care who says what about the relationship.

10. He may look for ways to provide

Again, with the gender roles, a man in love is more likely to look for ways to provide for the person he’s falling for. This is when he might take on extra hours at work, often to the detriment of his relationship. “I do believe hard work can be an expression of love from men,” Dr. Mclee Tembo says. “What is needed in these situations is some balance between work and home.”

11. He says “We” instead of “I”

For one last fun fact, you might notice that a man in love changes his language based on his feelings. So be on the lookout for terms such as “we” or “us,” Dr. Mclee Tembo says, instead of “I” when he’s talking about future plans or making decisions.

If you’ve ever done when falling in love, then you already know it means you’re pretty darn happy with someone — and you are starting to see them as a part of your future.

Facts About Men: 11 Facts About Men’s Brains When They Fall In Love !