15 Stunning Photos: Bosslady Alice Flaunts Sizzling Skin in Bikini


International model, Alice Rowland’s Musukwa, never ceases to leave many of tweeps mouth-watering over her as she flaunts sizzling skin in bikini.

As a model, Bosslady Alice is one that arises from intense feelings of sharing her beautiful sexy look to the world.

Of course, flaunting her skin on social media is one of her hobbies, and whenever she does, she kills the look.

I pray your life glows like my skin,” she said.

Today, in the posts she’s served, we’ve only piled 15 out of her countless sexy looking snaps.

Check out the snaps of her as she gives us those striking poses below:

I pray your life glows like my Skin“.

She’s showed off her sizzling skin while flaunting her breathtaking beauty that many of us regard with respect.

Exactly what I was told, life is a beach, just live it“.

As Zambianface, we’ve also joined the trail of tweeps who’ve admired her stunning sexy look.

If you follow the crowd be ready to be called Average“.

Bosslady Alice also makes statements with her heels, including her sophisticated poise.

It’s the Sun on my skin”.

She reveals her distinctive natural body with astonishing beauty that furnishes a great deal of worldly experience and knowledge of modeling.

Well everyone deserves to be Sexy“.
When you live next to the water you buy more bikinis than heels“.
Imagine living the life you exactly pictured“.
Sometimes all you need is sanity“.

The most incredible things about Bosslady Alice is that she’s never lost the weight she puts on in her skin since she cannot fully be called a model without it.

I hate missing, I make it happen“.
Legs Honey can’t afford not to insure“.
“Sun kissed”.
Sun Kissed“.
I Love my Coffee with white Milk“. 
Self-love is not selfish; you cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself“.
Kiss my *or blame it on @kabaso_nkandayatu_ for the Bikini“.

Looks are extremely gorgeous to models, as it defines their brand; With no doubt, Bosslady Alice never ceases to re-brand herself.

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