2 times DON Flaunts her Stunning Hourglass Figure


Actress, model and fashion designer, DON Estelle Mantel, serves tweeps with her stunning snaps flaunting her mouth-watering body curves.

The actress poured social media with two sizzling snaps, babbling her inviting hourglass figure captured by Stephane Ngonga.

The lion’s share of women invariably pray to have nice curves because it is one of the fore selling points to get a man’s attention.

And seeing a very gorgeous lady with a nice body shape like DON is heaven-touching.

The two snaps really got us remarking on the beauty’s striking figure as she dolled herself up with a double slit, high-waisted mini skirt.

Check out below:

Tweeps gushed over her striking hourglass figure, averring that she is everything.

Well, the world has become more adventurous and all shapes and body sizes are admired.

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