2 times Kettrinah Flaunts Miss SupraGlobal Zambia Crown Goals


Model and actress, Kettrinah Gertrude Mabenga, serves two stunning photos of herself flaunting the Miss SupraGlobal Zambia crown goals.

Kettrinah is a stunning model who has a definite class of qualities to pull through the fashion world as well as the film industry. She erupted onto the modeling scene exhibiting her natural striking figure of presenting fashion in 2016.

And this time around, the beauty is the current holder of the Miss SupraGlobal Zambia title. Serving as a Queen, Kettrinah will also represent Zambia to the world final in Botswana this November.

Since the beauty was crowned Miss SupraGlobal Zambia, she habitually flaunts her crown like never before.

Check out below:

Those who dote on fashion shows, pageants and photo models would be great admirers of the works Kettrinah furnishes.

She’s a proud model with self-motivated standards. And she’s proof that modeling needs to submit your all and showcase what you feel needs to be honored and regarded with great esteem in a graceful way.

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