2 times Precious Mumba Thirst Trap


Beauty in the vein of Precious Mumba, alias Lady Lamborghini, the classic stunner. Hailing from Mazabuka, Zambia, the classic stunner served two earthy snaps of the steamy thirst trap.

She scooped two sizzling snaps of herself created to show off the beauty of the natural African skin. And we must say that the photographer did justice to the entire look.

Check out below:

The classic stunner is set to bombard herself with images and the history of her true African beauty.

As a model, Precious Mumba is a go-getter, and her ‘substantial clout’ is her parents and God. She maintains to stay positive while working on her style. She mainly shoots fashion, swimwear and lingerie.

However, being a model, this isn’t her first time to render a thirst trap.

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