3 times Kettrinah Paints the Net with “Life-changing” Fashion


3 times Kettrinah Paints the Net with "Life-changing" Fashion.

Fashion model and actress, Kettrinah Gertrude Mabenga, sets the socials on fire with 3 dazzling snaps of herself.

The model has always been a lover of fashion, and her excellence has been a major talk on Zambianface, 3 days ago. She appears to be preparing something exciting, and tweeps are dealt-in to their anticipating mode.

“We are all bad in one’s story, but the moment I changed my thinking, my life changed too. I became my number-one fun of myself,” noted Kettrinah.

Kettrinah is really such a stunner when it comes to alluring snaps, the bedazzle act besides the drip in the three snaps was the loud color-swag served, and her sizzling legs too.

The habitual acts aside from the drip in the photo were the beauty swags served.

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