6 Times What Shadaya’s Body Shape Might Be Saying About Her


Life is too short to be wearing boring clothes. Do you think back to the gorgeous girl featured in Petersen Zagaze‘s song titled “Oxygen“? Yeah, her name is Shadaya Zaher, and it’s about time we revive your memory about this ravishing girl and refurbish you on what she’s been up to since then.

Shadaya was born on March 16, 1995. She began her passion for music even earlier than she recorded her first song. Her first recording was done at the age of 16, which might be seen as quite moot.

Contingent upon you not to know her background, Shadaya was born in the capital of Zambia, a southern African landlocked country of rugged terrain and diverse wildlife, with many parks and safari areas. Her mum is from Chipata, Eastern Province, Zambia, while her father is Lebanese.

So you know, quite prepossessing parents. It’s no surprise that Shadaya took after them in terms of looks. She uses her beauty to show her willingness to communicate as well as to connect.

There is much more to Shadaya‘s body shape and clothing choices than we might imagine. For many people, what they wear is merely a matter of habit. But when Shadaya dresses in the morning, it pays her to be a little more careful in the choices she makes.

When she was barely 16, she got inspired by her birth name, Shadia, which means “she sings” in Arabic. She officially ignited her fire when she returned from Malaysia where she left for her studies in Hospitality Management.

As the Adventure Continues, Shadaya has recorded some gorgeous hits like: “Hesitate“, “No Money No Honey“, “Runtown“, “Bad Energy“, “One More Shot“, “Runaway Luv“, “Fall for Your Type” and “Like Dat“.

Her face is currently covering over 49k followers on Instagram too, which makes her a bit of a social media influencer as well.

All things considered, Shadaya is 26 years old now, she’s still sparkling beauty as ever. And she’s still putting the fashion world to the sword as a singer, songwriter, actress, host and model.

As you can see, she turned out not to be one of those one-hit wonders or those famous kids who just kind of go viral and then disappear. She built a career and is still doing absolutely great. We can’t wait to see what else she gets up to in the future.

6 times what Shadaya's Body Shape Might Be Saying About her

I wondered what you loved about me. All my imperfections and no college degree. Baby what did you see,” noted Shadaya.

Well, doing something different with your looks might be a way of changing the impression others have of you.

We crave and pray for this gorgeous bandwagon to become one of the most international entrepreneurs with their clothing line.

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