8 Reasons why Towela Kaira is the Hottest Female Singer in Zambia


When you think of hot Zambian female singers, you spontaneously think of Towela Kaira. But her hotness didn’t kick off that way — it comes from all kinds of backdrops and origins.

Certainly, there are so many hot and attractive Zambian female stars that we daily expound on. And any talented artist or media personality is a ground for our exhibition. But Towela Kaira is an impeccable singer, songwriter, and a boundary-breaking badass.

Aside from being the ‘Delay‘ hit-maker artist and an elucidation of hot Zambian beauty (her music has immensely stepped on the necks of others). She is revolutionary for providing top notch music and international styling hotties.

Sizzling Towela herself remarks that she grew up insecure due to some sharp feelings that crept into her, especially being afraid of rejection. She was so scared of failing, but at this point in time, she would rather fail than do nothing.

She is proud that people now hold her variance with others in esteem. And she has placed plenty of backbreaking works in the pipeline just to obtain the spot and get accepted where she could witness “a young-beautiful Tumbuka goddess being celebrated by a wide range of tweeps in just a blink of an eye”. Her gorgeous face is currently covering over 165k followers on Instagram, so we can agree with that!

A flawless mouth-watering eye and the propensity to show tweeps how to model something wholly beautiful? Honestly, that’s her name; Towela Kaira. And we can get on this bandwagon! Hot-girl posted on Zambianface with the tag #hottestzedian. We need it now more than ever.

Here’s another exemplary drip from the queen artist herself, just because all hail and delight in Towela’s unassailable glow. And just accept the fact that you’ll probably never be able to attain this intensity of artistry except that you know her very well.

Away from making your wildest fantasies come true and putting forward the most astonishing music for you to spend your paycheck on, Towela Kaira is transposing the beauty of Zambian music and filling out its definition of top-notch style identities. We can only crave and pray that more hit songs will follow this radiating case in point.

8 Reasons Why Towela Kaira is the Hottest Female Singer in Zambia

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