Abel Chungu – “I wasn’t struck by lightning”


I wasn’t struck by lightning. I am the lightening.

Musician and comedian, Abel Chungu Musuka, jazz it up with some perfect fresh new looks while regarding himself as the lightening.

The star wore his newly refreshing, super dyed platinum hair loud and proud. And clearly, he submits much love to his God, he calls Him a “Warrior”.

Since Abel Chungu was accorded the Most Outstanding Comedian (Ngoma Awards 2019), plainly he has it to flaunt his dazzling highlights of fashion and stunning hairstyles.

Check out below:

Joys comes in the morning.
The simplicity of His battle strategy is what has proven to be too complex for His enemies to understand. My God Is A Warrior!

He is sumptuous, feels sumptuous, and he’s admired by fellow stars and friends.

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