4 times Catherine Affirms not to Fade Black into the Woodwork


Cameroonian model, Naweih Catherine stands on the shoulders of a long line of resourceful and resilient black ladies. The model assures that she’s not going to fade black into the woodwork. And preparing the next generation to take on the mantle with their own kind of activism is a goal.

Excuse the model if she doesn’t get too excited. She exhibits four stunning photos of her powerful melanin self. A truth teller skin, a change-agent beauty, and a troublemaker—in the best way, that’s what Catherine is. She agitates and advocates.

Height: 1.70 m

From the Northwest Region of Cameroon, being used as one of the beautiful faces of the latest edition of the magazine.

“I am black, beautiful, intelligent and outstanding,“ says Catherine.

All thanks to her lovely agency Afric Dab for the great opportunity, and she is so proud of it.

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