Cheosi Kapungwe Sets her Exquisite Look in Bedazzle Beauty


Runway model, Cheosi Kapungwe, sets her exquisite looks in bedazzle beauty. The model has had her boundless enthusiasm divided across a number of things, and modeling is one we cannot ignore.

Cheosi is a pageantry and runway model who has walked for the Copperbelt Fashion Week and Africawala Fashion Show. She started modeling in 2016, and so far, she has achieved a superior number of titles in her modeling career.

Check out her bedazzle beauty below:

She serves her ravishing looks, flaunting her exciting glow in a blazing shot served on the gram. And it seems the photographer did some justice to her pose.

While Cheosi has excelled at modeling, she heartens people to continually desire to obtain and make more extensive of their own sovereign state of understanding about the art of modeling.

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