Cleo Ice Queen Flaunts Painful Nose Piercing Process


Zambian-born hip hop recording artist and media personality, Cleo Ice Queen, works on her looks, but it appears as if she couldn’t stand the sting that came with it.

The star shared a video of herself on Instagram getting a nose piercing.

The artist whimpered at the sting and said it didn’t hurt at all! The tear drop we see is just a natural reaction… but the fact is that it didn’t hurt.

Soooo….. I pierced my nose… It didn’t hurt at all!!!. The tear drop is a natural reaction apparently… but it didn’t hurt. What piercings do y’all have? Which ones are you planning on getting,” she said.

She received invigorating reviews for the video. And her celebrity friend, Franciar Music, said she’d need to be tied down to allow anyone to do such.

You have courage babe .., ild need to be tied down to allow anyone to inject me plz,” replied Franciar Music.

Watch below:

Meanwhile, Cleo Ice Queen freshly squeezed out her contentment with the Africa Day event on Tuesday, 25th May.

She was wholly filled with happiness as she graced her fans with four scintillating snaps of herself dolled up in pure African clothing (Zambian Print).

Check out below:

To be African and proud. … It’s in our hair, it’s in our fashion, its in our mother tongue, its in our music, it’s in our culture, it’s in our precious stones and minerals, it’s in our beautiful skin, its in our food, it’s in our wildlife and nature, it’s in our blood!!! One love One Blood One Africa!!!! Happy Africa Day my darlings. Lemme see your flags in the comment section,” she captioned the post.
Let’s celebrate Africa Day, together“.

Well, each year on May 25, Africans around the globe celebrate Africa Day. The day commemorates the founding of the first union of African countries in 1963.

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