Flaviour — “It’s what you do that defines you”


Have you consciously done anything small or large that has helped shape a part of who you are? Take, for instance, Flaviour Tembo, a model and actress, who has exhibited her relentless beauty through the cultural get-up.

The model lines herself up to do extra well in modeling. She knows that modeling involves giving the right priorities to pathways that enable her to achieve the career path she has chosen.

Well, Flaviour hyped with Rachel Dawes‘ beautiful quote:

Flaviour — “It’s what you do that defines you”
“It’s not who you are underneath, it’s what you do that defines you,” noted Flaviour.

In Batman Begins, Rachel Dawes is talking with Bruce Wayne (Batman) about what matters in life. Essentially, “it’s what you do that defines you”.

We might have good ideas, intentions or plans, though it’s what we do, that will help shape who we are.

Transforming her look while boosting her confidence, Flaviour served us the outstanding snaps of herself in ethical attire.

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