Macky2 Umupondo Kopala Squeezes Out His Upcoming “Olijaba” Album


Zambian multi-award-winning hip hop artist, singer, songwriter and producer, Macky2, delivers some juice about his upcoming “Olijaba” album.

The rapper confers with tweeps as he chooses to divulge his already 80% work done to them.

It might be a norm for Macky2 to hold fast to such figures to himself, but the rapper has made it known to tweeps because of the love he has.

The “Olijaba” album is already 80% done, and it only requires 20% to be unleashed. Umulilo!

Mclee Wagwan says, “if Macky2 should emit such a requisite figure, then some other artists would also want to revamp their projects release date because of his’.”

Check out below:

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