Maiko Zulu Celebrates his Daughter: Mwiza Zulu on her Graduation


Zambian Reggae musician and human rights activist, Maiko Zulu, celebrates his daughter, Mwiza Zulu, on her graduation.

He’s gradually changing his story lines in the minds of tweeps.

The star blew tweeps minds after spilling on social media that not only his daughter Mwiza Zulu has graduated, but also the best graduating student in Politics and International Relations from the University of Lusaka (UNILUS).

Check out the drips below:

My daughter Mwiza Zulu is today not only a Graduate but the BEST GRADUATING STUDENT in Politics and International Relations from University of Lusaka (UNILUS)
,” he captioned the post,” he captioned the post.
PROUD PARENTS #TheRevolutionWontBeTelevised“.

Following his celebration, he further served some old photos of Mwiza Zulu and captioned the post with a very helpful note:

EDUCATING A CHILD is not just about sending them to a classroom but rather a long term character building process that requires patience, resilience, motivation, sacrifice and more importantly parental guidance…

Very often we think that when we pay tuition fees for our children and send them to expensive schools then we are educating them when infact what we are doing is taking a gamble by sending our children into an environment where our own personal or family values are compromised because we have transferred that parental responsibility entirely to a third party,” he captioned the post.

Let us ensure that we take personal interest in the education that our children are getting at all levels,” he added.
University of Lusaka’s Best Graduating Student in Politics and International Relations… I bagged the damn degree,” noted Mwiza Zulu.

Well, millions of children are not learning because of poverty, discrimination, the quality of the education on offer, or because they are too hungry to learn. These children leave school before they acquire the basic skills and knowledge needed to thrive within society.

Enrolment figures only tell part of the story. Around 250 million 5-to-12-year-old children cannot read or write, whether they are in school or not.

Education transforms children’s lives by helping them overcome poverty. This leads to better health and increased income opportunities. Without it, many children remain trapped in a life of poverty and hardship.


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