Elizabeth — “Put a stop to drug abuse”


Model, Ogboye Oluwabunmi Elizabeth, helps with a strong desire to stop substance abuse. The model expresses a few ways a person can take drugs, including injection, inhalation and ingestion. She gives herself up to the portrayal of emotions through traditional art.

“A message to people out there to put a stop to drug abuse—drugs kill, cause damage to the body system,” says Elizabeth.

Lots of people think that modelling is just about looking beautiful and being tall, slim, and distinctive. But there are a lot of other accredits one also needs to have.

Generally, art is all about your creativity, talent and hard work. Elizabeth believes modelling is an art. And also funds the bill if the commitment is not ruptured, for her “Creativity is number one”.

Her mission is to build up girls for pageantry and be helpful to the younger generation since she aspires to start a non-profit organization aimed at setting out the snivel of human trafficking, including substance abuse.

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