Suula Smith — “I miss walking around naked”


Suula Smith Births New Look in Bold Face-Beat.

Fashion model, beauty queen and brand ambassador, Suula Smith, reveals she misses walking around naked for her fans.

Everyone spills out the many things they miss doing since they love them, and Suula Smith misses being naked in front of the crowd.

Being a model, Suula Smith is capable of doing so as she’s done a lot of it in the past few years.

The beauty is known as a charming muse whose style is set to be a sterling example of pure African beauty.

I need another show, I miss walking around naked,” noted Suula Smith.

While she gushed on the days that she had experienced a massive show, the beauty feels she’s been trotted out to have another show, and she needs to explore more.

Well, the lock-down is over, and it looks like Zambians have already gotten back on their feet. And the beauty needs it more and more and more.

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