6 things Men Say During Sex and what they Really Mean


6 things Men Say During Sex and what they Really Mean

6 things Men Say During Sex and what they Really Mean

Sometimes it can be difficult to say what you really mean during sex, especially when you’re not sure of yourself. Here’s what men really mean when they say things in bed.

We can’t go around it, sometimes sex can just be awkward. It doesn’t mean it’s bad. It’s just not always mind-blowing. Especially when we have sex with someone new, we expect that he’s not going to understand what we want and how we want it done. We are more able to express what we do and don’t want sexually, but it’s not always the same for men.

When a man doesn’t like something during sex, he has all of the power to say something about it or even just suggest something different. But with this, it doesn’t always come without judgment. Women are allowed to be self-conscious during sex, but men are expected to be confident and know what they’re doing.

Most men have learned how to use certain expressions to express their lack of self-confidence in bed or even if they want to do something different. Here is exactly what he means when he says it.

1. When he says, “Do you like that”

He’s just making sure you actually like it.

We often see people in movies (not porn, per-say) having sex, and the guy says this to a girl. Usually, in the movies, he’s saying it because he knows he’s good and that he just wants to hear her say it. Not because he doesn’t know whether she likes it or not, but because it turns him on to hear her moan while she tries to say that she does.

Most often, in real life, when he asks if you like that, he really needs to know. Maybe he tried something new, and he isn’t quite sure if he should stop or not.

It’s a lot easier to try to look as if he’s all confident with what he’s doing and ask whether you are enjoying it instead of asking if he’s doing an alright job. He doesn’t want to look like he has no idea what he’s doing. He wants to make sure you’re enjoying it as much as he is, so he needs to know what to do and what you enjoy.

Even guys get nervous during sex. They aren’t always going to know if they’re doing the right thing.

2. When he says, “How do you want it?”

He means “What’s your favorite position?”

Guys are going to enjoy sex no matter what, usually. He’s not going to automatically know what your favorite position is. He can’t read your mind, and it can be nice to be assertive and tell him exactly what you want. He knows he’s going to get his, so he wants to make sure that you get yours. Be thankful for this, not every guy cares if you get yours.

Usually, you’ll know what your favorite position is, right? At least I hope you do. Women usually spend the entire time doing what he wants to do, if you’re lucky, then what he likes is also what you like, but this is not always the case. Take initiative. Tell him what you like instead of waiting for him to ask.

3. When he says, “You know what would be great?”

He wants to try something new.

Why not try something new? Sure, sometimes these things may be a bit outlandish, but maybe they’re worth trying out. Only if you are absolutely comfortable with it. Do not do anything you don’t feel okay doing.

If he asks you to talk dirty, then you know he wants to try something new or even get a little weird. There’s no shame about it. The only people who are going to know are you and him. You never know, you could turn out to really like it. If not, then just don’t do it again. At least you tried.

4. When he says, “wait, did you hear that?”

He’s trying to distract you for a second because he almost came too fast.

Sometimes we can do more to try to impress our man, but he isn’t always exactly prepared for it. Taking him off-guard is a great feeling, but you may run into a time where you need to stop before he cums prematurely. Neither of you needs the fun to end that quickly.

Just give him a second to calm himself down a bit, not too much, before you start going again. He likes what you were doing, but he just wasn’t prepared for it in that second.

Distracting you is the best way he can play that off cool. It can be very embarrassing for a guy to cum too quickly, especially if he’s trying to impress you. Distracting you gives you both a chance to calm down for a little bit before getting back into it.

5. When he says, “I’m about to cum”

He means “do whatever you wanted to do now because I’m not going to last much longer”

When he says this, believe him. He’s not kidding. He will not be able to hold it in any longer. He’s held it in for as long as he could, so make sure you use this time to get what you wanted in there. Be gentle with him (or not, do your thing).

Sometimes when a guy does this, he means that he wants to make sure you’re okay with the session ending. If you aren’t, then he’s either going to need to calm down and let you get yours or finish and then finish you. Either way, you need yours. Don’t settle for less.

This also goes to say that if he tells you, flat out, that he is going to cum and is adamant about it, then your time is up. He’s there, and the session is going to end.

Don’t think he’s joking with this or just not being serious. When he yells out that he’s going to cum, then it’s just a warning for you to be prepared for it. Nothing more, nothing less.

6. When he says, “How do you want me to fuck you?”

He means, “Give me some input here.”

Unless this is your first time, you’ve got to have a favorite position. If he spent the last half hour twisting you around like he were some sexy birthday party clown, and you were his erotic balloon, he might be curious if you’ve got any requests, like doggy-style or a balloon sword.


Sex is not always going to be as it is in the movies. It can be awkward, it can be amazing too, though. It all depends on who you choose to have sex with.

Sometimes guys don’t always say what they mean. I know a shocker, right? At times, they’re self-conscious too and don’t always know what they’re doing. Don’t be too judgmental on them but also make sure that you get what you need as well.