11 things Every Hot Woman Should Try in Bed


11 Rousing things Every Hot Woman Should Try in Bed

11 Rousing things Every Hot Woman Should Try in Bed

When you grow up, you become more comfortable with the body you were given. There are certain things every hot woman should try in bed and enjoy to the max!

You’ll notice as you age you learn to accept certain aspects of your body that the mainstream media try to convince you on a daily basis that what you have going on isn’t good enough.

As a result, you learn to experiment with certain things in bed. You become more comfortable, and you start to embrace what’s been given to you.

You no longer worry about that extra bit of flab that you skipped when working on your abs. In fact, you learn to accept that a little bit more booty means a bit more woman.

More woman is always a good thing to have. You become more open to celebrating your body with things every woman should try in bed. Things that most women wouldn’t dream of trying before celebrating their bodies.

So here goes. Implement the following things every woman should try in bed into your daily life and experience a whole mind change; better than what liposuction and a butt lift can ever promise to give.

1. Have fun by yourself

Beautiful young woman in a white sexy wear in the bedroom at home

As a modern-day woman, you need to know how to have fun all by yourself; regardless of whether you have a man to do it for you, or you’re spending nights alone.

Forget about shame. It’s time to learn all your best spots so you can easily direct the man who decides to roll around in the hay with you.

Set the mood. Light up a few candles, have a glass of wine ready next to your bed. Put on some relaxing music, and get out your favorite toys.

By the way, if you don’t own a single ‘helper’, it’s about time to go shopping. Every woman should own at least one sex toy.

2. Get actual sleep

The best thing about having a comfortable, soft bed is the fact that you can use it for sleeping. You absolutely deserve it!

However, in order to get the best sleep you’ve had in a long time, you need to make the room cool and cozy at the same time.

Use light colors for decor, remove most technology which can be distracting before bedtime, make it smell calming, and purchase a soft pillow. You’ll wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

3. Try a little ‘girl on girl’ game.

Experimenting doesn’t only have to happen in your college years. Remember, the older you get, the more you know what you want in bed and the more comfortable you are at exploring new avenues.

It doesn’t mean that you’ll start batting for the other team. It’s just a way of exploring your feminine side more than you ever have.

It’ll give you a new sense of how beautiful the female body really is, and how you need to be pleasured by the man in your life. Besides, a little girl on girl never hurt anyone, right?

4. Tie it up

One of the things every woman should try in bed is tying it up. Whether it’s your wrists, ankles, or a blindfold.

Whether it’s being done to you, or you take the initiative and decide to tie someone else up, it’s definitely something to experiment with.

Enlightening the senses will make the whole sexual experience even more pleasurable; giving you a new definition of intimacy in an instant. Give it a try. What do you have to lose?

5. Let go of your inhibitions

Whatever you do, it’s time to lose yourself in the moment. So many of us let our minds continue on with daily life while we’re trying to enjoy an intimate moment.

As a result, you tend to leave somewhat unsatisfied. It’s time to change that. Let go of your inhibitions at least once and feel the difference. Not only is it an excellent stress-reliever, you’ll also experience a whole new sense of freedom.

6. Try a few domination tactics

Sexy dominant woman in glasses

There’s nothing more empowering than controlling your man in bed. Make him want more by controlling when he gets what and for how long.

Trust me, he’s secretly hoping you’ll take the lead. As one of the things every woman should try in bed, you’ll make everyone happy whilst you empower yourself and boost your self-esteem.

It’s a great way to show him who’s boss, and he’ll have a whole new outlook on his woman.

7. Let him dominate you

Although you want to lead at times, you also want him to lead you. Some women are so used to having to control a situation that they automatically put on the pants in bed.

It’s time to be a little bit submissive. Let him dominate you every once in a while. I’m not talking about the Fifty Shades Of Grey type of action; unless that’s what excites you, but more of a subtle ‘I give in to you’ form of domination. It definitely puts plenty of things into perspective.

8. Watch the professionals ‘do it’

As one of the things every woman should try in bed, it’s alright to do this one alone if you don’t have a current partner.

It’s exciting and can be quite funny if you choose the DVD poorly, but it does give you a few ideas of things you may want to try in bed the second you get the chance.

However, if you do have a partner, don’t be afraid to implement this suggestion every once in a while. It can definitely bring you closer together if kept under control.

9. Don’t be afraid of a little bit of lube

By adding a tiny bit of lube to your evening plans, it could mean the difference between absolute pleasure and average entertainment.

Whether you’re using it on yourself or adding it to your couple’s ‘play time’, you’re increasing overall sensitivity and ease to fully enjoy the pleasurable things in life.

Remember to choose a quality lube instead of the cheap, useless kind. You’ll notice the difference.

10. Be somewhat selfish for once

Beautiful sensual brunette woman posing in elegant lingerie

As women, we tend to be selfless the majority of the time; always putting others first. Well, it’s time to end this taboo notion, even just for one night. It’s time to be selfish.

Get what you want and make it count. Let him know what you’re after. Be vocal about it if he’s not hitting the right spots.

Make your voice count in bed. It’s absolutely okay to be selfish; even if it’s every once in a while. Besides, the right man will do anything to make you happy.

If you’re happy, he’s happy. He feels he did his job right. He gets an ego boost. So go ahead, speak your mind.

11. Wear your sexiest ‘outfit’

Wearing your best pajamas or nightgown to bed is definitely something every woman should try in bed. Whether you’re a mom, a newlywed, a long-term wife, or a happily single, you must absolutely wear what makes you feel beautiful.

Throw away your old, worn-out t-shirts and baggy sweatpants. They’re not welcome in your bed! You deserve to sleep in luxury, starting with what you decide to wear to bed.

What you decide to do in your home remains your business, but it’s time someone told you that it’s okay to put your needs first every once in a while.


By implementing the above-mentioned things every woman should try in bed, you’re building your self-confidence and body image to a point where you don’t feel guilty about allowing yourself the basic pleasures of life.

Remember, it starts from within; not by going under the knife. You were given a certain body type and your decision on what you choose to do with it.

However, if I were you, I’d embrace it and spoil myself to the point where I absolutely love my own body without needing anyone else to convince me; starting with what I do in the privacy of my own bedroom.