Sex Positions Men Love and what they Hate the Most


Sex Positions Men Love and what they Hate the Most

Sex Positions Men Love and what they Hate the Most

Improve your sex life drastically by becoming a knowledgeable lover. Read on to find out what sex positions men love (or hate) and improve your sex life!

Sex is great, and it is an important part of a healthy relationship. It is something that is not only wild, fun, crazy, exhilarating and leaves you with a strong desire. It is also something that connects you and your special someone on a whole other spiritual and emotional level.

However, as much as sex is great, there are some parts to it which do ruin the mood. To name a few, your partner might not please you, some things may be a bit painful, there’s something missing between the two of you, or you are both doing positions which are not your favorites.

An important thing to keep in mind is that having favorite sex positions and least favorite sex positions is normal. Additionally, it is also important to remember that everyone loves and hates certain things about certain sex positions. Everyone has different tastes and preferences, even when it comes to sex.

Read on to learn about what men and women love and hate about certain sex positions.

What men love

According to lots of men, there are lots of things to love about sex. After all, it feels amazing, and there is lots of fun. However, there are some things about certain positions which make them even better for men compared to other positions.


What is not to love about this classic sex position? As much as it may seem that it doesn’t have some of the other benefits of other sex positions, men do love it. It allows them to put their face in the nape of your neck, to kiss you, to look into your eyes, and to control the pace. They also have access to your breasts to touch and kiss them too.

Woman on top

Men love it when you are on top in missionary. They get access to kissing your breasts, neck, and mouth. You also get to make eye contact. Men love it when you’re doing this position because they don’t control the pace, and they get to watch you in all your sexy, hot, glory as you do it. Besides, they can also grab your buttocks easily while you are on top doing this.

Doggy style

Another sex position that men absolutely love is doggy style. As he is hitting it from behind, he is not only going deeper, but he is also watching your buttocks jiggle, and he is able to grab onto your hips, breast or hair. Another plus for him is that it feels primal doing this sex position.


Men love this certain sex position so much. They have their woman doing all the work, they can see everything (including your breasts bouncing around), and they also get to place their hands anywhere they please. Men also love this because of the amazing feeling they get with the amazing view.

Reverse cowgirl

Men love this for the same reasons they love cowgirl. They get an amazing view, but this time of your back and buttocks. They also get to go in deeper as their woman does the work, and they can also feel your buttocks and hips.


Men love this position because, as they please their women, they are also pleased. Instead of one person doing all of the work and pleasing both people involved, both do the work while also getting off at the same time. Men also love this position because of the view they get.

He kneels, you sit

As the man sits, the woman then kneels on top of him. Men love this position because they get to go very deep in you while they also get to hold you close. Men also love this because they can kiss your lips, neck, or even breasts as you ride them.

Hovering butterfly

Men go crazy over this position because their woman is sitting on their face as they give oral in the best position possible. Men love the fact that they can taste and feel everything down there. They also love the fact that they can grab on to your breasts, stomach, hips, and even buttocks.

What men hate

Contrary to the common belief that all men love every part of sex, and that sex is perfect when you are with the right partner. Many men also have issues and things they hate about certain sex positions.


As much as this sex position is loved, like all other positions, there are some downfalls to them. When it comes to missionary, many men also find that it is common, boring, typical, and routine. Besides, some men say it makes them have cramps in their buttocks.

Standing up

This is a dream in a fantasy land for most men as it is too difficult of a position to not only line up right but also sustain. As well, if it is lined up right, it becomes hard to actually do any thrusting or actions that can be pleasurable.


This next statement is one that many men find to be a very scary thought, and this is what men hate about this position. It is easy for the woman who is riding the man to go up too far and go down at the wrong angle while riding him. Meaning, it is very easy to have a broken penis from this sex position.

Hovering butterfly

One thing men hate about this position is that it can be hard to breathe.


What makes for a great cuddling position isn’t also always a great sex position. Men find that spooning is too hard to line up, too hard to make pleasurable, and also involves an arm falling asleep.

Doggy style

There is a lot that men hate about this position. Most men find that they get rug burn, their quads cramp, it is too easy to slip out. And it is also very easily possible to break a penis. Additionally, with height differences, it can be very difficult to reach their woman’s breasts.


Men do not like the fact that when they pull out, there might be something on their penis that they were not expecting. Additionally, men also do not like this because many men are aware that their women may be doing this to please them, and that they are actually unsure of this new position.


When looking at what men love and hate about certain sex positions, it is important to remember that everyone is different. The best way to know for sure about what your boyfriend loves and hates about certain sex positions is to have open and honest discussions about it.

There is no need to be embarrassed or feel uncomfortable or guilty. Instead, you should feel happy, loving, committed, and glad that you can both be so honest and open with each other. Besides, your sex life will improve greatly after you both discuss this.

If you can think of anything else that men love and hate about certain sex positions, feel free to share!