Sex Positions Women Love the Most and what they Hate


Sex Positions Women Love the most and what they Hate

Sex positions women love the most and what they hate

Sex positions women love the most and what they hate! Women are very perceptive of what makes them feel desired and pleasured in bed. And that includes exciting sex positions.

Women have forever wished to be pleasured during sex, and there are some particular sex moves that completely arouse them, paving the way for an extremely erotic orgasm. So, men take down these points on the most loved sex moves that women simply love!

Pleasure your partner in bed with these sex positions that are sure to send her straight to ecstasy.

What women love

Women love an array of things that come with doing a variety of sex positions. After all, what’s not to like!


Many women love this position because it enhances the connection between them and their men as they face to face. Besides, you get to kiss, and he controls the pace.

Doggy style

Women love this because of the primal, rugged, sexy, and risky feeling they get from this position. As well, many women also love it when their man gets to go deeper in them while also grabbing on to them in this very heated and aggressive position.


As much as men love being in charge, women seem to love it even more. Although many women love having to do no work, sometimes it feels great to be the one to break the sweat. Women have also admitted that when they ride their boyfriend. They also love the fact that they choose the pace and can go deeper when they are in control.

Legs over shoulders

Women love this position because it allows their men to thrust extremely hard and fast without hurting them.

What women hate

As odd as this may seem, the same positions women love certain things about, they also have certain things they hate about said positions too.


Similarly to men, women find this position to be too vanilla, boring, and not as satisfactory for them when compared to it being able to do the job for men (more often than not).

Doggy style

Many women do not like this position because they are self-conscious of their buttocks. Additionally, women also do not like the fact that the enjoyment comes to a standstill every time his penis slips out due to the angles and positioning.


Anal sex is still a very taboo subject. And many women find that the stigma surrounding it is something they do not like about that position. Many women also do not like it because it can get messy, and it can also be very painful.

Standing up

This sex position is a fantasy for many women. However, it is one that in reality has a lot of traits that women do not like. They feel very heavy and also find that once they are lined up properly, it is hard to move in ways that create pleasure.


This is plenty of women’s favorite positions to cuddle in. However, many women do not like this position for sex because it is an awkward angle and doesn’t allow for their man to be very deep in them.


When looking at what women love and hate about certain sex positions, it is important to remember that everyone is different. The best way to know for sure about what your girlfriend loves and hates about certain sex positions is to have open and honest discussions about it.

There is no need to be embarrassed or feel uncomfortable or guilty. Instead, you should feel happy, loving, committed, and glad that you can both be so honest and open with each other. Besides, your sex life will improve greatly after you both discuss this.

If you can think of anything else that women love and hate about certain sex positions, feel free to share!