15 Sexy Bedroom Decor Tips to Set your Mood


15 Sexy Bedroom Decor Tips to Set your Mood

15 Sexy Bedroom Decor Tips to Set your Mood

In need of a bit of a change when it comes to your bedroom’s decor? Find out how to make your bedroom sexier and match your modern and sophisticated personality. We have rafted 15 sexy bedroom decor tips to set your mood!

Have you ever looked at your bedroom’s decor and wondered how so dull it became?

As your bedroom is supposed to be your comfort and joy and ultimate sexy space, you simply can’t let that part of your home go unnoticed and neglected.

As the modern, sophisticated woman that you are, you deserve to have a bedroom that’s filled with everything feminine and sexy; just like you.

Whether you choose the subtle sexy route or feel the need to make your bedroom scream lust, always include a touch of your own personality to complete the look.

When figuring out how to make your bedroom sexier, there are a few things to keep in mind. Things you may not have thought of adding. Tips that can ultimately turn dull into sexy in no time.

1. Play around with soft fabrics

Sexy naked women flaunting her back while holding a soft fabric in the bedroom

Ignite your sense by playing around with fabrics that are soft to the touch. Satin is oh so sexy and can add the perfect hint of sex appeal to your bedroom.

Of course, you want to mix it up a bit by adding various forms of softness; adding comfort and coziness. However, it’s important to remember that you can easily turn sophisticated into trashy by adding colorful feathers to the mix.

If you do plan on adding a few of those, keep it limited and classy by accentuating your décor; perhaps adding them to a lamp.

2. Keep it neutral with hints of color

Darker colors make you sleep better, but the key to finding out how to make your bedroom sexier is to use neutral colors as your base and hints of brightness if you do plan on adding a little bit of excitement.

However, you can’t do sophistication wrong by making use of neutral, light colors in your bedroom.

3. Always implement effective lighting

Couple in bed with effective sexy lighting

Playing around with lighting is one of the most effective ways of adding sexy back into your bedroom. Make use of different shades of light, always keeping in mind to purchase light bulbs that save energy.

If possible, add a dimmer in order to adjust the brightness in your bedroom for that extra little bit of choice. You never know when you need a brighter light and when you want to dim it down a little bit.

4. Keep clutter at bay, always

Apart from not wanting to fall over everything in the dark and possibly bumping your toe against your bed, your bedroom also looks much bigger when it’s free from clutter.

It adds that bit of sophistication and ‘grown-up’ feel that you’re after. Most importantly, it adds some sexiness that doesn’t cost a single cent. Your potential dates will be impressed, and you never have to worry about who to invite over, when.

5. Don’t be afraid to make it your own

Sexy young beautiful girl on bed busy texting

The idea is to create a look right out of a magazine, but you also need to remember that you’re living in it. You’re using your bedroom day in and day out, so it needs to represent you.

Don’t be afraid to add personal touches like photographs or leave perfume on your dresser. After all, you want to feel comfortable in your own space; having some of your most prized possessions surrounding you.

6. Add mirrors to the mix

Mirrors are great for adding more space to your existing space, but mirrors are also great for sex. Keep it classy and purchase mirrors with classic frames; hang them against the walls.

As it may be a classic fantasy of many men, the last thing you want is to turn sophisticated into trashy by hanging a mirror on the ceiling.

When determining how to make your bedroom sexier, avoid every man’s fantasy and do what makes you happy.

7. Fragrance up the room

There are various ways of adding tasteful scents to the bedroom. You can light a few scented candles, have a scented burner ready when you need it, or perhaps even add flowers to a small space.

Along with playing around with touch, you can also make your bedroom sexier with your gifted sense of smell; turning an ordinary bedroom into a positive memory. Give it a try!

8. Texture is key to sexy success

Sure, you want to add various shades of the same color to your bedroom and delightful smells, but you also need to play around with texture.

Choose fabrics which are smooth to the touch as well as a few options that may be slightly furry. Not only does it give your bedroom décor an interestingly sophisticated look, it also allows you to ‘roll around between the sheets’ of different forms and enjoy every bit of it.

9. Make your bed the focal point

Sexy girl on bed

Every room needs one focal point that directs the eye straight to that object. Your bedroom is no different. Choose a ‘grown-up’ bed that is sturdy and big; filling up enough space to make it your centerpiece.

Add soft pillows and delicate throws made from soft and luxurious fabrics and never forget to purchase a fluffy duvet made from cool linens. You’ll love it all year round, and you’ll never question how to make your bedroom sexier again.

10. Cleanliness will go a long way

Clean is sexy, always remember that. Honestly, no man wants to make love in a dirty space. I’m not talking about sexy dirty. I mean, hair and make-up residue left on the floor from the previous two weeks, dirty cups next to the bed, and clothes everywhere.

Always keep it clean. You’ll feel sexier and your bedroom will scream sophistication. Always remember that.

11. Avoid adding ‘work’ stuff

Keep the office at the office or at least outside of the bedroom. Wires, electronics, and visible cell phone chargers should be kept at bay and out of sight.

Not only do they add a sense of clutter to your décor, they also make your bedroom seem less sexy. So if there’s one way to figure out how to make your bedroom sexier, it’s by leaving the office at the office.

12. Leave childish at the door

Having a grown-up bedroom means you have to leave childish at the door. This goes for teddies and anything teenage-related; especially different shades of pink.

It’s time for clean lines, less clutter, more sophistication, and an abundance of sexiness. Besides, there’s no time for childishness in your new bedroom; unless you’re implementing some sort of role playing.

13. Always add a few candles

Turn a dull bedroom into a sexy escape by adding a few candles to the mix. Always be vigilant when making use of these handy helpers by making sure you never fall asleep while they’re lit.

You can, however, always add scented candles in order to make your bedroom smell divine at the same time. Give it a try, you won’t regret the effect.

14. Leave technology at the door

Sexy girl

Unless you want to turn your sexy sophistication into an everyday lounge, never add a television to your bedroom. Apart from having to make it your calm retreat, your bedroom should also be free from any distraction which may hinder your sexiness; including televisions.

15. …unless it’s for music

Of course, you do need to add music when getting your sexy on. It helps with all the distractions in your mind and helps you relax when you need it most. In order to add music, you do need some form of technology, so for this, we’ll make an exception.

Keep it limited and out of sight if possible. You’ll thank us in the moment; especially when you need help to quiet your mind.

There’s nothing more exciting than figuring out how to make your bedroom sexier; regardless of whether or not you’re doing it for yourself, or you have someone else in mind to enjoy it with you.

Remember, you adapt to your surroundings, so when your bedroom is sexy, so are you. You start acting different, feeling better about yourself and your surroundings. So go on, have fun! Create sexy around you and explore.