12 Sexy Surprises that will Blow your Partner’s Mind


12 Sexy Surprises that will Blow your Partner’s Mind

Tell your partner you love them and celebrate what you have. But also show them a list of sexy surprises that will blow your partner’s mind.

Although the day of love, A.K.A Valentine’s day, has passed, it doesn’t mean you still can’t put on a sexy show and surprise your partner in the sexiest ways possible. No matter the occasion, if there is even one, you can still blow your partner’s mind with sexy surprises. After all, sex, love, affection, and gestures of your love are important parts of a relationship.

So take your partner out on a romantic date, but then take them home for some sexy surprises that should be kept behind locked doors. After all, you’re meant to enjoy each other in every single way, on various days. That’s not only meant to be done for Valentine’s Day.

In fact, many people find that after Valentine’s Day, there is a slight slump in the romance which brings that lack-lustre feeling. It also puts some stress and strain on relationships. However, that isn’t meant to happen. Instead, you are supposed to show your love, affection, desire, spark, and connection all the time.

12 Sexy Surprises that will Blow your Partner’s Mind

There is just one issue that gets in the way. You may want to show your partner this and give them a sexy surprise, but that may even be something that is redundant and will add to the rut.

There is a common misconception that the only sexy surprise to blow your partner’s mind is to have passionate, amazing sex. Although sex is a great way to celebrate your love for each other. There are many other sexy surprises you can do before you hit the sack together.

So celebrate your love and blow your partner’s mind with these sexy surprises. However, do it in a way that is original, new, fresh, exciting. And will add to the spark and desire in your relationship.

Read on to find out the best sexy surprises to blow your partner’s mind!

1. Boudoir photo shoot

This sexy surprise can happen in two ways. You can either get these photos done and printed for your partner before Valentines Day. And you can hand the pictures to them while you are lying in bed after you’ve already had sex. After all, when your partner sees you in these sexy poses, they will be more than ready for another round in bed with you.

Or, you can do the second way which is even more personal and intimate. You can hand your partner a camera. And tell them that the two of you are doing a boudoir photo shoot for each other. As they take photos of you in various sexy poses, they will be getting more and more turned on and will be ready to go. You will also be feeling the same as you take photos of your partner until you both can’t take it anymore and will be dying to jump into bed together.

Of course, after you two have done this, you will be able to get these photos printed. These photos will both make you very happy, and they will be a great reminder of your amazing day together.

2. Make love and art

A great surprise involves a tarp and a lot of body paints. For this surprise, you will get to paint all over your partners’ body. And they will also get to paint yours in an array of colors. For this to work, you both need to slather lots of paints on each other, which will be very sexy and intimate.

After the two of you are done rubbing paint all over each other, you can then take it to the tarp. While you both have sex and go through various positions and movements, you will be leaving paint marks from the labors of your love all over the tarp.

3. Talking in a foreign language

If you can speak a foreign language in a sexy, seductive tone (or even just fluently), it’s bound to turn a guy on. He doesn’t even have to understand what you’re saying. The words don’t even need to be sexy, it’s just the way you say them. In fact, you can probably lie and tell him that what you’re saying is Spanish, French or Finnish for something dirty.

4. Strip poker

With this sexy surprise, you will both be making passionate, beautiful, and sexy art, which will definitely add to your relationship.

Awaken your own and your partner’s competitive side. While the two of you play a game of strip poker, you will both be longing with desire to get physical, but you also won’t be able to because you will both be competing to win.

This may seem odd, considering you are playing a card game as a method to add some zest to your sex life. However, as you both become more turned on, you will also become more agitated. And ready to go due to the tease aspect that comes from playing strip poker. You will also be extra passionate due to the competitive nature that has emerged in both of you from your game.

Now, the test will be how long you can both last while playing this game before one of you tosses all the cards away and is suddenly all over the other!

5. Get a room

What’s better than staying in a hotel? There’s a certain vibe and a thrilling feeling that comes from getting a room together. Think about it, you both are in a new setting and not at home, so you don’t need to worry about having to clean up or do any chores.

Instead, you can both lock yourselves away in your hotel room. And lay in bed all day together doing whatever the two of you want in your own world.

6. No clothes

That’s right; spend your day with your partner with absolutely no clothes on. Stay in your room together all day, enjoy each other’s company and body, and relax and connect. If you want to take this sexy surprise for your partner to the next level, order their favorite meal. And tell them that the dress code for dinner is no clothes.

This will surely be something that will blow their mind as this surprise is very sensual, sexy, exciting, and intense.

7. Striptease

Ladies, put on your “do me” heals and the sexiest lingerie possible. Welcome your partner home in this outfit and give them a strip tease and a lap dance that they will never forget.

Men, put on your partners’ favorite type of briefs, or even a costume from a sex shop, and do the exact same for them.

8. Running a bath for two

Shower sex is awesome, at least most of the time. However, bathing together can be far more romantic and intimate for couples. Try surprising your boyfriend by drawing a bath, maybe adding some bubbles, and inviting him to join you. Obviously, you’ll be naked or in a bikini, so there’s little doubt he’ll find it sexy. Then you two can spend the evening washing and massaging each other.

9. Rose petal trail

Yes, as cheesy as this surprise may seem, it is still a sexy surprise.

Leave a trail of rose petals that will lead your partner through the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Be at the last sexy surprise destination and be ready to ravish your partner in a night of love, luxury, and fun.

The great part of this surprise is that it will have different parts. Each component will include new settings where you will be able to do new activities. For example, in the bathtub, you can lather up, massage, and do sexual acts for your partner.

As for in the kitchen, you can both eat or just devour each other right then and there. Finally, in the bedroom, you can both make love or have sex in your bed, where you can then talk and cuddle together until you both fall asleep intertwined together.

10. Having misdirection sex

Guys are always in the mood for sex, right? It’s not entirely true but almost. Anyway, one sexy surprise would be to say something to indicate that sex is off the table for the night. When his hopes are down, you turn the tables and surprise him by being the one to initiate intimacy. He’ll probably be quick to forgive you for tricking him.

11. Body oil

This sexy surprise will definitely blow your partner’s mind. Buy their favorite scent in the form of body oil and rub it all over them while you are both lying in bed. Make sure you do a thorough massage and do it slowly, so it will be sexy and sensual all at the same time. You will be sure to drive your partner crazy with this surprise.

12. Waking him up

Come on, who doesn’t love the idea of being woken up by their partner cuddling up next to them and kissing them? If you really want to give your boyfriend a sexy surprise, gently wake him up and surprise him with morning sex. Let’s be honest, most relationships have been lacking when it comes to morning sex, but they shouldn’t be.


Some other sexy surprises for your partner that can spice things up would be role playing, trying some new positions or even locations for when the two of you are getting intimate.

You can also surprise your partner by delving into some of their most desired sexual fantasies. Or by buying some new items like handcuffs for the two of you to try.

You know your partner best, meaning there may be some other sexy surprises you can do for them that they would absolutely love. No matter what sexy surprise you chose to do for your partner, remember to also show them how much they mean to you, and how much you love them!

Enjoy your days of love, after all, you should show your partner how much they mean to you every day. Don’t let the romance and fun die out. If you can think of any other sexy surprises that will blow your partners off-kilter, feel free to share!