Things Guys Don’t like their Girlfriends to do in Bed


Things Girls Think Guys Like (But they Actually Don't)

Things Girls Think Guys Like (But they Actually Don’t)

Have you ever wondered about the things you do that your partner doesn’t like but is afraid to tell you? Here are the most common things guys don’t like.

As a guy, I can tell you that there are certain things that girls think we like that we actually don’t. There are things guys hate that you might not even know about.

Each guy has his own unique preferences, but there are some things guys hate pretty much universally.

Here are some of the top things that guys either don’t really care for, don’t like, or completely hate that they sometimes fail to mention.


Some guys are into it, I guess. But I’m pretty sure the majority of guys don’t especially care for biting. A bit of light and playful biting isn’t what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about full-on chomping, leaving marks, or even breaking the skin. That doesn’t feel good whatsoever. I’m a guy, not a bologna sandwich. Chill out with the biting, seriously. It’s definitely one of the things guys hate most.

Pinching, scratching too hard, slapping too hard or anything else that causes us physical pain is, well, a pain in the neck (or wherever else on us it may be).

We don’t think pain is hot at all, and to anyone who does somehow get turned on by pain, you’re definitely in the minority on that one. Too many girls assume that guys are so tough that they can just do whatever they want to them, and the guy will take it like a man.

Sure, you can punch our arms or something, but when you start trying to take a bite out of our skin like a vampire, that’s an automatic strike three—at least in my book.


When a girl tries to give a guy a hickey, she’s basically making an attempt to claim him. By doing that, she’s also demonstrating that she thinks he’s a player.

Guys do not want to walk around with a visible hickey on their necks or anywhere else. It’s embarrassing as hell. It’s basically like wearing a badge that says, ‘I’ve been hooking up with someone.’

Hickeys are a high school thing. A grown man has no business walking around with one at any point after that. Not only is it shameful to have your family members see it, but when other guys see it, they think you’re letting her do whatever she wants to you.

Guys should have self-respect

Guys should have self-respect, and they should speak up and say no when a girl tries to give them a hickey. If she does it so fast that they don’t even have the chance to stop her, then that’s a different story. A little bit of her foundation should fix that, assuming it’s the right tone. It’s a matter of principle, though.

As far as giving a guy a hickey to scare off other girls, it won’t work. It might possibly delay him from meeting other girls for a few days if he is, in fact, seeing other people, but in the process, you’ll make yourself look desperate by giving him one.

It also disrupts the trust you’re slowly building with each other. He’d prefer that you be just comfortable with the situation and not do anything to him that he doesn’t like. He won’t like it if you try to give him a hickey, and he won’t forget it.

Every time you try to kiss his neck or chest after that, he’ll be on edge and ready to stop you from marking him with a completely unwanted hickey.

Kissing a guy’s nipples

Sorry ladies, but we don’t feel the same sensation that you feel from licking, rubbing, biting, or touching our nipples in any way. You probably already know that, but let me put it this way, the skin anywhere else on our chest is equally sensitive to the touch or maybe even more so.

It’s a little bit weird when a girl starts sucking on our nipples. Not only do we barely even feel it, but we view that as something that we should be doing to you. It’s like a way of pleasuring a girl, so don’t do it to us because we’re guys, and it’s just not something we’re into or really care for at all.

Some girls seem to think it’s a really hot thing to do during foreplay. I can’t speak for every guy when I say this, but I’d rather a girl kiss me pretty much anywhere else. I wouldn’t ever get mad if a girl started messing with my nipples, but it makes me roll my eyes for sure.

Being rough with his privates

In the heat of the moment, things can get rough; every guy knows that. But even if things are kind of aggressive, he won’t like it if you use your hand or mouth in a rough way.

Doing anything too hard or too strong to that area simply doesn’t feel good. It can actually have the opposite effect that you’re trying to get from doing it.

Squeezing it too hard, using teeth in any way down there, or even sucking too hard can be a turn-off. Think about it this way, would you like us to use our fingers in a really rough way to get them inside? It would probably hurt, right?

It’s a very sensitive area, so you just need to be gentle with it. Kind of aggressive might be fine, but it would always be better to do it gently. You can still do the hair pulling or whatever else to keep it rough.

Important point

The most important point to make here is not to be rough with it during the climax. Do not grip it super hard and be aggressive with your hands. It’s one of the things guys hate with passion but hesitate to mention.

It will pretty much cancel out the orgasm. Because it’s just sensation overload to our penis and doesn’t allow us to get lost in the climax. If you’re going to touch it while that’s happening, do it softly.

Think massage style rather than actually tugging on something if you have a tendency to grab it firmly. Finding a good balance between the two is the key.

The testicles are incredibly sensitive. Unlike the penis, the skin around them (scrotum) isn’t loaded with so many nerve endings. But the testicles themselves can cause pain extremely easily.

You should always be very, very gentle with them and be mindful when rough housing or doing anything pretty much. It’s difficult to understand if you don’t have them, but if you barely nudge them, it causes us discomfort.

It’s like an aching pain, not a sharp pain. That means it diminishes more slowly. Do be careful.

Spitting on it

Okay, I know most girls don’t often do this, but to those that do, straight us spitting on a part of our body is kind of funny. It’s something we tell our friends about later and laugh at.

We understand the utility of it, but it’s a little bit too dirty and scary, especially if we have just met. If it’s a drunken, ‘We’re going all out’ kind of messy hookup, maybe it might fade into the heat of the moment. But it will still be hilarious later when we remember it.

It’s best to avoid doing anything that will make us laugh later. If we find something you did in the bedroom funny, that’s generally bad. It’s not as if it bothers us so much, but it’s better to match the flow of the hookup.

If you suddenly bump it up a few notches by doing something outrageous, you might catch us off-guard. And that’s when it starts to make us laugh. If you need some lubrication, you can apply it to your hand first.

Although these are things guys hate or don’t particularly care for, they’re probably not deal closers—except for the vampire thing. But maybe even that can be forgiven.

If you are kind of freaky in the bedroom, watch for feedback from your partner to see if he’s into it too. His face will show it all.