Top 3 Anti Aging Exercises You Should Try


Anti-aging exercises

3 Anti Aging Exercises you Should Try

Anti aging exercises! Exercising your muscles gives you a healthy complexion with a beautiful glow which has fewer toxins and has a better ability to absorb moisture.

10 to 20 minutes a day can save staggering amounts of money. There are about 57 muscles throughout your face and neck—muscles that we often neglect during our daily workouts.

Facial exercise has been hailed by celebrities and experts as the best alternative to do.

Exercising the muscles in your face will make your jawbone more prominent, enhance cheekbones, and shred off excess fat in your face. Besides, it’s key to looking younger.

So here are three anti aging exercises you should try this weekend:

1. Eye Squeeze

Directions: Pull your lips down to tighten your face, then pull your lips to the right, and squeeze one eye closed for one second (in a pulsing manner) ten times. Repeat with the opposite eye.

Muscles worked: The muscle surrounding your eye; when tightening the eyes, you’re pulling the skin, but you’re not wrinkling it.

Duration: 3 sets of 10, rest, then another 3 sets of 10.

2. Jawline Roll

Directions: With your face tightened (as if you’re about to get punched), pucker your lips and move them to the right. Now, with your jaw tense with force. Speaking aloud ignites the muscle quicker, and make sure not to grind your teeth.

Muscles worked: Here, you’re pulling up the muscle underneath the jawline. When you say “EW Charles,” your tongue draws a circle in your mouth, and the resistance works the jaw.

Duration: 3 sets of 10, rest, then another 3 sets of 10.

3. Brow Lift

Directions: With your hands in the shape of a closed peace sign, place your fingernails (not your fingertips) over each brow and apply pressure to push your eyebrows down. Then, while pushing that skin down, gently push your brows up and down, and repeat.

Muscles worked: Here, you’re creating a weight (the pressure of your fingernails) to lift the eyes and build the muscle in your forehead.

Duration: 3 sets of 10, rest, then another 3 sets of 10.