6 Signs he Wants to be More Than Friends


Signs he wants to be more than friends

Sneaky signs he wants to be more than friends

Signs he wants to be more than friends! Relationships can be complicated before they even start. When one person likes another, suddenly the dynamic between the two becomes complicated.

One person is agonizing over whether the other likes them back, while the other is often oblivious. In some amazing cases, both parties are actively anxious because they have feelings for each other, but neither is willing to be the first to admit it.

Thankfully, human beings are extremely open with their feelings, even if we aren’t always aware of it. There are several physical indications of a person’s emotional state that wind up on display, whether intentionally or otherwise.

Here’s a list of the six signs to keep an eye out for to see if he wants to be more than friends.

1. He casually strikes up conversations at the most random moments

When a guy wants to be more than friends, he’ll try to talk to you, regardless of the topic. If you’re telling your friends about a new hair product, suddenly he’s commenting and inserting himself into the conversation, even though he doesn’t even know what a hair straightener is.

2. He’s ‘liking’ and commenting on all your social media pics

Normal, casual friends might check out your most recent activity, but when he’s putting in extra time to ensure that every pic has looked over, he’s looking for a lot more than mere friendship.

3. He can’t help but ramble sometimes

When he’s crushing, he’s already trying to interact with you as often as possible, so when the normal topics of conversation run dry, he might start to ramble a little bit. He’s self-sabotaging, but he just doesn’t see it!

4. When hanging out in groups, he finds ways to talk one-on-one

It’s easy to be part of a group hangout. But if he’s thinking of you in a romantic way, he’s going to try to monopolize your attention. Even when you’re with other people, he’ll ask you questions, stand between you and the rest of the group. Or will ask if you want to veer away from everyone else.

5. He remembers everything you say

Friends are pretty good at remembering what the other one says, but there are some details that are easily forgotten. Think of it this way: he’s interested in you when he remembers what you casually mentioned once about a movie. No one else remembers your comment on what the side character was wearing, but he does.

6. If he likes you, he’ll mimic you

There’s a thing called “Couples items” for a reason. When two people like each other, they will sometimes wear clothing that is similar. Or use “His” and “Hers” accessories, mugs or other fun items. When a guy is crushing on you, he’ll find other ways to mimic you, even if he isn’t aware of it.