Colours you Should Wear Based on your Zodiac Sign


Colours you Should Wear Based on your Zodiac Sign

Colours you should wear based on your zodiac sign

We all love wearing nice and vibrant attires with beautiful patterns or embroideries. But do you know that colours carry energy?

And wearing the right colours can help you to become the best version of yourself. It is important that you choose your hues as per your star sign.

Read the article to find out which colour will suit you best:


Aries people belonging to this zodiac sign are said to be quite confident, passionate and daring. Therefore, if you are willing to wear something that suits your personality, then you can wear red or orange-hued clothes. Since your ruling planet is Mars, wearing colours that are associated with red will make you feel confident.


You are said to be a reliable, fun-loving, patient, down-to-earth and peace-loving person. Your ruling planet is Venus, and therefore, you can wear colours that will suit your temperament. You can wear blue, green, pink, black and cream colours.


You are someone who is always curious, creative and affectionate towards others. Your ruling planet is Mercury, and people under this zodiac sign are said to possess intellect as well. Therefore, you can wear green and yellow coloured outfits as these colours symbolise growth, creativity, positivity and rejuvenation.


Those who belong to this zodiac sign have a gentle, kind, loving and caring nature. Your sign is ruled by the Moon; therefore, wearing blue, white and silver can help you in carrying away your personality easily. In addition to this, you can also wear yellow and sea-green coloured outfits as they symbolise a sensible, gentle and loving attitude towards other people.


Bold and confident, you always love to lead people and help them in every situation. Your sign is ruled by the Sun, and therefore, wearing orange, gold and red coloured outfits will help you to maintain and reflect your magnetic personality. You can also go for bright yellow and purple as they depict your royal, optimistic and strong-willed personality.


People belonging to this zodiac sign are quite down-to-earth, perfectionists, analytical, systematic, intelligent and have good communication skills. Since you are an earth sign, wearing brown and green coloured outfits will help you to gain stability and knowledge at every point in your life. You can also wear pastel and other light colours such as light pink, mauve, peach, sky blue, etc to carry your personality easily.


Those who belong to this zodiac sign are intelligent, charismatic and quite graceful. These people have an eye for fashion and style sense. Being ruled by Venus, these people are blessed with wealth, harmony and aesthetics, and therefore, wearing blue and light pink outfits can be beneficial for you. You can also include white, black and tan colours in your overall attire to look classy and stylish.


If you belong to this zodiac sign, then it is pretty obvious that people will find you to be brave, magnetic and mysterious at the same time as you prefer staying reserved. At times, you are expressive and therefore, you can think of wearing dark colours such as maroon, purple, black, red, bottle green and rust. Since you are someone who has faced many difficult moments in your life and have never lost hope, then wearing pale-hued outfits may not suit your personality.


The ruling planet of this sign is Jupiter, and people belonging to this zodiac sign are quite energetic, adventurous, enthusiastic and fun-loving. Wearing red, orange, purple and yellow can be suitable colours for this sign. These colours will reflect your energetic and dynamic personality. At times, you can wear white-coloured outfits as well to make yourself feel relaxed and calm.


Those who belong to Capricorn are said to be patient, well-determined, strong, brave and attentive. Since you belong to the Earth sign, you can wear khaki, brown, navy blue and grey-hued outfits to express yourself. These colours will give you a minimalistic look and will help you in carrying your personality easily. In case you don’t have grey outfits, you can go for a black and white combination in your attire.


An Aquarian is a free-spirited person who loves to express himself/herself on several occasions. So, blue will be your ideal colour. You can also wear purple and other shades of blue to suit your personality. If you want to go for some unconventional shades in blue and purple, then that can also be good for you. Also, avoid wearing black, gold and orange coloured outfits as this won’t suit your personality.


People under this zodiac sign are quite creative, imaginative and have a pool of fantasies and dreams. These people love nature and prefer spending most of their time with nature. Therefore, you can think of wearing light green and yellow coloured outfits. You can also think of wearing white, peach and lavender-hued apparel to feel good.