Nicole Nails the Look with her Glowing Face Beat


Nicole Rumbie Matongo glowing face beat

Nicole nails the look with her glowing face beat

Beautiful young aspiring Zim fashion model and singer, Nicole Rumbie Matongo aka Nicky Bae the Badass, three times nails the look with her glowing face beat.

Also, a beauty therapist whose passion suffers no reverse when it comes to investing time and hard work into learning her craft.

Following her pleasing pop-ups and how she’s set to get eyes popping after her flamy figure, the model scooped three gorgeous snaps of herself, limelighting her exciting beauty.

Nicole Rumbie Matongo body shape

“Never give up on your journey for you don’t know what tomorrow holds…You might be close to gold.”

Known and adored for her appearances where she flaunts her mouth-watering body shape. Nicole is certainly confident about her elegant, jaw-dropping body, enough to punt some serious booty in Charlie’s Angels.

However, the model’s body goal is top notch, as she’s giving us stunning looks of herself in different art. And we can’t deny the glow.

Nicole Rumbie Matongo glowing face beat

“Always tell urself that u r beautiful 😘”

Braids or plaits are the perfect way to get through transitional weather without sweating. Her game is totally lovable, and her face-beat fits well because everything else is symmetrical as tweeps explore the excitements.

Well, Nicole mainly shoots fashion, swimwear and lingerie. She convoys her vigour and an enormous desire for modeling to every project she works on.