5 Ways to Seize the Moment and Enjoy Life More


5 ways to seize the moment and enjoy life more

5 ways to seize the moment and enjoy life more

A life filled with joy is one thing everyone wishes for. There are countless ways to reach for what you want, but when it comes to happiness, little things make all the difference. Five ways to seize the moment and enjoy life more!

The smallest changes you practiced as a way of life will make you stand out from the overworked, overbooked, and somehow bored crowd that seems to fill every street and every room nowadays.

Focus on what matters, and everything else will just fall into place.

You have no idea how the simple joys of life can skyrocket your mood levels. But since you’re here, you will find these five ways easy to practice, easy to apply in your own life and actionable in order to enjoy your life more.

1. Make a bucket list

If you never wrote a Bucket List, don’t freak out. It doesn’t have to be filled only with life-changing, dangerous experiences or expensive stuff. Start small instead.

Make a Summer Bucket List: wine in the park, that free outdoor concert. Write a Winter Bucket List: go on a sleigh ride, build a snowman.

2. Spend time outside

If you say it can’t be done because of your busy schedule, try walking more from one building to the other. Or just going outside while taking those short breaks from work.

Little moments like these count, and they add up in the long run. Don’t overlook them and don’t underestimate their power.

3. Whatever you do, don’t plan every minute

Yes, I understand. We all have so much to do. We’re always feeling like we’re running a marathon, sometimes as if we’re in the army. But we are not. And we don’t have to be.

If you are reading this, chances are that you have at least some control over your schedule. Don’t book every minute with activities. Leave time for leisure, for spontaneity. Your brain will thank you for this. Your energy levels too. And even your moods.

4. Learn something new continuously

Don’t get comfortable in your ways. ”You don’t know where the rabbit is jumping from” is a saying, referring to the fact that we don’t know where or when the next opportunity shows itself.

If you have always wanted to cook better, but don’t have the time, energy, or skill to organize yourself to do so, look for a cooking class. You don’t know where the rabbit is jumping from, and maybe you’ll meet someone who will change your life.

5. Reward yourself

This is for you and for you only. Reward yourself for every little thing you do the way you want. You had a good work day when everything you planned was done? Buy yourself ice cream.

Rewards have double powers. First, the more obvious one – you give yourself a moment, be it in the form of ice cream, a new pair of shoes you had your eyes on or movie tickets.