How to Reduce Body Heat

7 Effective Ways to reduce body heat

Foods to reduce body heat – how to reduce body heat naturally? In this article, you will learn how to reduce body heat immediately at home.

Body heat is one of the most common conditions faced by people across the world. Before we start, it is essential to define body heat in order to be aware of this particular health condition.

It is more commonly referred to as “heat stress”. A common cause of body heat is exposure to high temperatures that are not suitable for the body.

The normal temperature of the body lies between the ranges of 36.5–37.5 degrees Celsius. Inability of the body to cool down and bounce back into the normal range refers to body heat. For those who are wondering how to reduce body heat, it is crucial to identify the symptoms that indicate this uneasy state of the body.

These include sleeplessness, a sort of burning sensation in the eyes, uneasiness in the stomach, ulcers, digestion problems like acidity and gas. In some people, it can impact the heart rate, leading to rapid heart beat among many other symptoms.

Eating very hot and spicy food is a contributing factor that gives rise to heat. So people who insist on consuming oily and fried food must be careful.

Here are seven effective ways to reduce body heat below:

1. Tender coconut water

Having coconut water can be beneficial in two ways. Firstly, it is a form of fluid and thus is a water-based drink. Secondly, it is very rich in minerals and vitamins which are crucial in cooling down the body.

2. Peppermint and mint

As we are aware, mint or pudina leaves have a perennial cooling effect. It is a spice that can be added to any drink, such as a lemonade, and produce the desired effect.

3. Fruits and vegetables

Almost all propagators of health food are insistent on consuming fruits and vegetables like bitter gourd, cucumber, tori, watermelon, etc. All these are extremely rich in water and have a nourishing effect. But watermelon must be consumed in the first half of the day as it is very rich in fiber. Consuming it in the latter half of the day might not be good for the stomach.

4. Sandalwood

It is available in a number of forms such as soaps or powders. Applying this or rubbing it regularly on the body has a cooling effect. Ayurvedic beliefs use this as a constant source of cooling down the body.

5. Pomegranate Juice

It can be mixed with almond oil and had on a daily basis. It is an excellent remedy to control body temperature and can be consumed by all age groups.

6. Vitamin C rich foods

It is a good cure for internal and external heat. Oranges, lemons, grapefruits, etc should be consumed daily during the hot months. According to the experts, drinking high levels of caffeinated products must be avoided, along with alcoholic drinks. All these products are harmful and are capable of raising body heat.

7. Extraordinarily high consumption of room temperature or cold water

Water has the potential to cool down the body. One can drink or dip one’s feet in a bucket of cold water to keep body temperature under control.



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