13 things you Must Say Goodbye to after you get Married


Marriage can be wonderful, but it does come with boundaries. One of the greatest things about being single, and something married folks would always miss, is having the leverage to do whatever pleases you.

We bring you 13 things you must say goodbye to after you get married.

1. Being self-centered

A marriage is between two people. A core point the lot of you miss is ‘compromise’. Marriage is compromising. If you can’t do that, you two are going to butting heads and into the divorce attorney’s office. It’s not all about you, honey. It’s about what’s beneficial to you both.

2. Sleepovers

Leaving your matrimonial home for sleepovers at your friends’ must be trashed out. Unless you’ve told your husband in advance, a spontaneous sleepover is out of the question.

3. Getting blackout drunk

No one thinks a blackout drunk married woman is worth their trouble. No one. Not even their husbands.

4. Taking marriage advice from single friends

It’s a completely different relationship — the structure is different and single friends don’t have any idea what married life is like. The politics of marriage — you’ll just have to experience it when you get married.

5. Texting people of the opposite sex

If you’re married and you text people of the opposite sex constantly, your husband/wife will think something is up. And I swear to you, if you put a lock on your phone, that’s going to end up in a huge fight.

6. Dress like a college girl

My best friend told me that I can’t dress like a “slut” anymore because I’m married. I thought about it, and I can see where she’s coming from. I’m married — I have a husband. Who am I trying to impress out there? I’ve won the game.

7. Solo dinner dates with the opposite sex

It may be done for business purposes or with a long-time friend with the best of intentions, but it gives off the wrong vibe—especially to outsiders. Outsiders, who may see you out, call your partner and bring drama to your home. Not worth it. Lunch is much more appropriate and professional for solo male-female meetings.

8. Sleeping in the middle of the bed

The middle is the comfiest, but when you’re married, you have to make certain sacrifices.

9. Keeping nudes on your phone

What are you, in your 20s? Get rid of your nudes when you can. Nothing screams “I’m going to cheat on you,” than nudes on your phone.

10. Making life all about you

A marriage is between two people. A major point a lot of you miss is compromise. Marriage is a compromise. If you can’t do that, you two are going to butting heads and into the divorce attorney’s office. It’s not all about you, honey. It’s about what’s beneficial to you both.

11. “Me” time

“Me” time will be scarce. I’ll tell you that right now. Whatever you do, you and your husband (or wife) will be clumped together in social functions. “Oh, will Dr. Mclee Tembo be attending?” “What about your husband? Do you think he’d like to join us?” Prepare some packaged answers for these questions.

12. Going on vacation alone

You can’t go on vacation by yourself anymore. Friends, family, even bartenders will think you’re crazy. It’s like your husband (or wife) has to be with you at all times! Looks as if I am not getting blackout drunk in my Forever 21 dress in a bar in Barcelona by myself anymore.

13. Posting sexually provocative photos on social media

Posting semi-nude photos on social media is an outcry for male attention and public reassurance, and for some men, shirtless pictures, especially when you have a well-cut physique, also sparks a recipe for temptations.