African Beauty

Flaviour — “It’s what you do that defines you”

Flaviour Tembo — “It’s what you do that defines you”

It’s what you do that defines you. Have you consciously done anything small or large that has helped shape a part of who you are? Take, for instance, Flaviour Tembo, a model and actress, who has exhibited her relentless beauty through the cultural get-up.

2 times Precious Mumba Thirst Trap.

2 Times Precious Mumba Thirst Trap

2 Times Precious Mumba Thirst Trap | Beauty in the vein of Precious Mumba, alias Lady Lamborghini, the classic stunner. Hailing from Mazabuka, Zambia.

Meet Violet Beauty Kundananji

Meet Violet Beauty Kundananji

On the surface, Violet Beauty Kundananji alias Naji is a teenage catwalk and runway model whose childhood triggers almost 90 percent of her strength to do modeling. She was born in Lusaka, Zambia, on June 18, 2004. She is the third born from a family of eight, two boys and six girls. And she is currently doing her grade 12 at Luena Barracks Secondary School in Kaoma.

3 times Kokwa Thee Model Flaunts her Inextricable Cultural Practice.

Kokwa Flaunts her Inextricable African Cultural Practice

Model and actress, Akokwa Martha Walubitah, 16, transfigures her look as she hypes her inextricable cultural practices. The model is traversing this further in the beauty of self-acceptance while serving – culture goals! She nailed it in a natural setting and looks more relaxed.

Candy Kambole nails looks with the Retro Package of her Get-Up.

Candy Kambole Flaunts Abs in Retro Get up

Fashion and commercial model, Candy Kambole, flaunts her clear abs in retro get up. She exhibits her incomparable beauty in a choice of 3 scintillating snaps, setting their jaws dropping.