Suula Smith Thirst Trap With Saucy Lingerie Snap

Suula Smith Thirst Trap With Saucy Lingerie Snap

The “On The Run” actress and model, Suula Smith, comes into sight as one of the most tatted-up models in the country. She values herself as a human being who is worthy of love and respect as she scoops a thirst trap with a saucy lingerie snap.

Preparation is everything – Kettrinah Gertrude Mabenga

Kettrinah Gertrude Mabenga – Preparation is everything

Don’t let other people put you off if you think you have a good idea, but make sure you research it as thoroughly as you can. Know your numbers and always go into meetings with all the information – particularly in this climate, you have to wow people

3 times Jacqueline Dares Tweeps not to be Comfortable in Life.

Jacqueline Dared Tweeps not to be Comfortable in Life

We all know, life begins at the end of your comfort zone, but doesn’t everyone just want to be comfortable? Whether in business or in our personal life, we often strive to get to a level where we feel comfortable, safe, stable. The problem with that is in reality, being comfortable and always doing things that make us feel safe don’t really challenge us and don’t push us to grow. Over time, this holds us back from trying new things, being open to new challenges and growing personally, physically and professionally. And it holds us back to grow our business to the next level.

10 Tips to Building a Professional Fashion Model Portfolio

How to Build a Professional Fashion Model Portfolio

All models need a modelling portfolio to showcase their experience and range as a model. Whether you’re a freelance model or are signed by an agency, a portfolio is a necessary item. Think of a model’s portfolio as like a CV, except instead of words there are photos.

Miracle breathes new life into the idea of "Bunnu the fearless model".

Miracle breathes life into the idea of Dark fearless model

After the months of chilly and dark nights. A very responsible couple, hailing from Kitwe, couldn’t bear waiting to see the sunshine. It was Saturday, August 3, 2002, the 215th day of the year 2002, the 31st-Saturday of that year, and Miracle Tamara Kunzambwe was born, like her name “Miracle.”