How to get noticed as a model

How to get Noticed as a Model

How to get noticed as a model: A healthy lifestyle, preparation, confidence and a positive outlook make it easier for models to catch the attention of agencies.

35 Prominent Quotes from Famous Models

35 Prominent Modeling Quotes from Famous Models

If you love modeling and have the looks to go along with that passion, breaking into the fashion industry may be for you. Being a model is about more than just beauty, they are wise, inspiring, and funny as well. Take it from these supermodels below.

10 Tips to Building a Professional Fashion Model Portfolio

How to Build a Professional Fashion Model Portfolio

All models need a modelling portfolio to showcase their experience and range as a model. Whether you’re a freelance model or are signed by an agency, a portfolio is a necessary item. Think of a model’s portfolio as like a CV, except instead of words there are photos.

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