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Zambianface.com, Zambian Face (“Zambianface”) is the powerhouse of beauty, culture and style of Zambia website crafted by Head-Of-Contents/Editor-In-Chief, Dr. Mclee Tembo, the founder and CEO of Zambian Face Magazine.

Zambianface.com serves as a digital magazine, especially meant for the promotion of beauty, culture and style of Zambia. It was launched on February 1, 2021.

Zambian Face Magazine

We help Zambians navigate the business and formulate personnel marketing strategies with the best marketing resources and services to boost the fan base and sales or to connect with others in the industry.

Our content is accessible at any time to our audience in all time zones. Furthermore, models and artists find our platform a useful source of direct feedback from their fans and a way to gain insight into what their fans respond to.

We specialize in Zambia beauty, culture and style promotions, marketing for emerging and unsigned models/artists to all corners of the globe.

Zambiaface.com is one of the best music downloads websites for easy Zambian music distribution. It makes all entertainment news and music-related activities very accessible for streaming and sharing among Zambian lovers in Zambia and Diaspora.

Regarded as Zambia’s top beauty, culture and style powerhouse. Zambianface.com is the most visited entertainment website in Zambia and arguably the most visited stand-alone entertainment website world-wide.

As beautiful as we offer a platform where Zambian content lovers around the world can access, listen, download and give their opinions too. We see a need to give serious emerging models/artists a platform to get their style heard.

Ndola, Zambia.

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Privately Held

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10 employees

Beauty, Culture and Style of Zambia (Zambian Music and All Entertainment News).

Actors, entertainment writers, bloggers, vloggers, photographers, producers, TV/Radio and club personalities are also encouraged to submit your content to be published.

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