Ladé – Adulthood Na Scam

Adulthood Anthem Download Lade Adulthood Na Scam MP3 Download Lade Songs

Lade Adulthood Na Scam MP3 Download

Ladé, a talented Nigerian Afro-beat chanteuse, has become a viral sensation after releasing the song “Adulthood Anthem“. Download Lade Adulthood Na Scam MP3 Download Lade Songs

We weren’t anticipating Adulthood Na Scam MP4 Download breakout song, in which Ladé serenades what’s actually going on in the society we live in.

We were convinced as children that life would get better as we grew older, but it appears that things have changed now that we are faced with the realities of life.

Adulthood Na Scam Full MP3 Download is an excellent song for young people, and Lade was the ideal person to deliver this essential message in order for it to go on in the future.

Is this the start of a new era for Nigerian Music industry? That’s how Pheelz‘s “Finesse” began. It started off as a joke, but before you knew it, it was on the Apple Music Chart.

Ladé has established herself as one of the industry’s most promising young girls, and her dedication to the music field is unrivaled. She is well-known for her flawless renditions of popular tunes, and her voice say volumes.

Inspiration behind the Adulthood Anthem

The new Afro-pop track “Adulthood Anthem,” has obviously exposed the minds of the young adults of how they weren’t prepared for adulthood. The experience and feeling people had as kids about adulthood are totally different from the experience of life being faced presently.

Commenting on the inspiration behind the Adulthood Anthem she wrote “As we were preparing for this years’ children celebration, memories on how my childhood was like came up, I remember that even as a kid, I was eager to grow up to become an adult because I felt adult had it the easy way even more than kids.”

Furthermore, Lade Adulthood Na Scam MP3 new song will be her first single following the successful publication of her 5-track studio EP, “Omolade,” which includes smash singles like “Speechless,” “Hustle,” and “Situationship“.

Adulthood Na Scam Quotable Lyrics

Adulthood na scam, You better get am for your mind
You gats to hustle, Make a living 24/7
Nobody go ask you if you don chop
Nobody go send you free money
If you no get na you sabi
Adulthood na scam

Listen and Download Adulthood Anthem by Ladé MP3 below:


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