Rema Namakula – Akafee Che

Download Rema Namakula - Akafee Che MP3 Download

Download: Rema Namakula – “Akafee Che” MP3

Following the safe delivery of her newborn baby, Rema Namakula blesses fans with a new song dubbed “Akafee Che“. Download Rema Namakula – Akafee Che MP3 Download

In the song, the star assures to keep her secret with Hamza Sebunya safe. She hashes out how she was raised well, nurtured and skillfully trained to be the best wife for her husband.

She assures to keep surprising her husband with more and more of her goodies as long as their love lasts.

Hamza kissing Rema Sebunya on the forehead
Hamza and Rema Sebunya welcomed their baby Aaliyah Sebunya on November 7, 2021.

However, holding the legendary effort of Nessim Pan Production, Rema delivers her compelling vocals and deep lyrics on a comfortably churned out beat.

“Taking some time off to say thank you all for the love and warm messages. On behalf of my family and I we are super grateful. Here is special thank you in form of a ballad,” captioned Rema Namakula.

Experience it below:



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