Finally, Yes! Alice Rowlands Musukwa Flaunts Engagement Ring

Miss Universe Zambia, Alice Rowlands Musukwa appears to be trotted out to tie the knot with her lover, Mr. Lee. Flaunted the engagement ring, finally said yes

Alice Rowlands Musukwa finally says, yessss!

Miss Universe Zambia, Alice Rowlands Musukwa, appears to be trotted out to tie the knot with her lover, Mr. Lee. She flaunted the engagement ring as she finally said yes!

The Zambia’s supermodel made this known on Instagram after being cheated on by someone she trusted 10 months ago.

She further narrated that OC and Memory were her pain blockers, as they used to always ascertain her with it and apprised her of how she deserved better. Yes, everything happens for a reason.

So let’s check out the beautiful engagement ring below:
Alice Rowlands Musukwa's Engagement Ring

“I Said yessss, even with confusion going on in my head, am I ready? Do I want to do this, it’s too early bla bla bla bla. But still I said Yes, to this man of mine, life is easy, life is how you make out of it, when you meet a man that treats you like you are the only one, a man that worships the ground you walk on, not because you the most beautiful woman but because love still exists and because they choose you and not your flows,” said Alice.

“He said to me, I fell in love with you when I discovered who u are, you are a very difficult person to date, understand and very hard to please, not because you are a bad person but because you are tough with reality and too real with yourself but too soft and gentle when you love. Alice I love your vulnerability and painful honesty because that makes me comfortable enough to know what to expect. Alice I Love you it’s been 9months and I have seen you everyday of 9months and I am convinced That you love me and I love you, will you be my wife,” she added.

Is she really trotted out to tie the knot with Mr. Lee?

“I said yesssssssssssssssse. 10 months ago I got cheated on, OC and Memory were my pain blockers, always telling me how I deserved better indeed everything happens for a reason. I Love you too Mr Lee,” noted Alice.

Alice Rowlands Musukwa

Alice is one of the most tatted-up diaspora-based models, she renders her gorgeous poise as she boosts her confidence levels in her own ability (self-esteem).

The model gains confidence from her feelings of well-being, acceptance of her body and mind. She’s been consistently delivering top-notch styles since day one.

She brandishes how she places herself into her style as she’s already broken the record in the African modeling industry.

Alice Rowlands Musukwa in bikini

Apart from possessing a sparkling fashion and beauty, Alice has fantastic melanin skin, attained from placing emphasis on maintaining and delivering her natural beauty.

She always furnishes tweeps with her radiating beauty. She magnifies self-possession levels with credence in her own ability, skills and experience (amour propre). The model accepts her flaws while boosting self-possession from the warmth of ease and good.

She’s always set to think positively since self-possession is an attribute that most people would like to possess.

Alice Rowlands Musukwa red carpet

Well, self-confidence is not a static measure. Alice‘s confidence to perform roles and tasks and deal with situations can increase and decrease, and some days she may feel more confident than others.

Alice Rowlands Musukwa

She is one of the pure African models with tantalizing melanin beauty that is naturally blessed. So do you mind asking her how she manages to be that gorgeous? Don’t worry! The beauty is willing to answer your questions.

Alice Rowlands Musukwa

So, 10 months ago, Alice was downhearted. And today she bags an exciting engagement ring… Yaa! Soli ba guy, akampopo bageta zoona.

Congratulations, Aunt Small Small!



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