Sexy Photos of Katongo that will Draw More Men to her Shows

Katongo music

Sexy photos of Katongo that will draw more men to her shows.

Afropop singer and award-winning artist, Katongo is with no queries one of the beautiful, sexiest diaspora-based female singers. Her curvy physique even makes it easier to take heed.

For some time now, Katongo has taken over the Zambian music scene for both her talent and sexiness. She’s been serving clean and sizzling photos of herself. And her uniqueness has gotten us quite a lot of attention.

Here are some sexy photos of Katongo that will clear all queries

Sexy Katongo


Katongo sexy photo in pool


Katongo abs

Getting ready to hit the beach...”

While Katongo sets to be a pure example of hot African beauty, trotted out to serve fans with natural body, she’s also set to prove that no one can compete with her when it comes to the raunchy lingerie pictures.

Katongo sexy bathroom

Good morning #melanin

Sexy Photo of Katongo

#ThrowbackThursday Somebody take me back #Summer2016

Katongo Sexy beach
Sexy Photos of Katongo that will Draw More Men to her Shows
Katongo sexy pose
Katongo in new bikini

New Bikini… can’t wait to take this for a swim

Sexy KAtongo

Sometimes no matter what you say or do people will choose to hate you. Sometimes they will fabricate stories and hope for your downfall. Where you have worked hard they may even try to take credit or belittle your efforts. Sometimes, they will try to incite hatred and shout and scream so that they can be heard by many. But rather than get angry at them or hate them back, I choose to wish them well.”

Katongo music

Whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you.”

Posing in a bikini is a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it. If it’s not Katongo, it might as well be you. But it’s not always as easy as it sounds.

You pick an attractive, flattering suit to put on, and you’re feeling confident. You want to show it off, whether it’s because your look is a brand-new purchase or you just happen to match it with your towel. But then, once you get all set up, well, what the heck do you do?


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