Suula Smith Births New Look in Bold Face Beat

Suula Smith Births New Look in Bold Face-Beat.

Suula Smith Births New Look in Bold Face Beat

Suula Smith births new look in bold face beat. Looks are extremely exquisite to models, as it expounds their brand; with no doubt, Suula Smith is re-branding herself. The melanin queen has served us a shade of being bona fide in a way that she broadens her love to tweeps.

She has poured out her heart to everyone underpinning her career as she hypes Pema Chodron‘s meditation quote. And counting from three to one, Suula Smith has really knocked us out with her new face glam.

She serves as a great reminder of the fact that we always have the cloudless sky within us – we just need to clear the clouds to allow it to shine.

Check out her face-beat below:
Suula Smith Births New Look in Bold Face-Beat.
“You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather,” noted Suula Smith.

Well, Suula Smith is quite used to scooping photos in portrait mode, which delineates every detail on her face. As Zambianface team, we’ve also joined the trail of her followers who’ve admired her new look. She really nailed it in a bold face-beat.

“You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather.”

She is trying to say that emotions, catastrophes, fights, tragedy and all the daily fluctuations of life are only temporary. What makes us an individual is separate from these things that seem to make up the consistency of life.

The current work life might seem like a storm if we listen to the busy business executives dealing with organizational change programs and ambitious goals and at the same time balancing their personal lives with family demands, friends and personal well-being.

Having two priorities such as a prominent career and being a loving family member might become overwhelming. It is easy to lose oneself in these sometimes contradicting values and demands. When you lose yourself, the clouds start gathering in the sky.


Our mind can feel like a raging storm at times and at others like a joyful sunny day. Meditation allows us to travel up above the clouds on those dark days, and observe the stormy weather from a better vantage point.

When you sit down to meditate, it can be hard to silence the mind. Something to focus your attention on, like the breath, helps us to restrain the mind to a single focus, and with time the thoughts will diminish.

So if your inner self that you are connecting with in meditation is the sky – the weather is everything else (like thoughts, emotions, distractions, etc) that you can observe from this inner point.


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