Yo Maps and Kidist Tie the Knot in a Beautiful White Wedding

Elton Mulenga Yo Maps and Kidist Kifle tied the knot in a beautiful white wedding Yo Maps Wedding Chilanga Mulilo

Yo Maps and Kidist Wedding

Following the Chilanga Mulilo, multi-award-winning artist, Elton Mulenga widely known as Yo Maps and Kidist Kifle, a brand influencer, have tied the knot in a beautiful white wedding.

Yo Maps and Kidist Kifle set Instagram timelines ablaze yesterday when they flaunted their big day to fans.

Their big day finally came to reality, as friends and families came together to celebrate their union.

The lovers tied the knot in a beautiful and classy star-studded white wedding ceremony on Saturday, April 23, 2022.

The duo’s scintillating photos have been scooped on their social media accounts after the event.

Yo Maps captioned the photos with “Finally ❤️❤️”.

Check Out Yo Maps Wedding Photos Below:

Yo Maps and Kidist wedding
“Finally ❤️❤️”
Yo Maps and Kidist wedding ceremony
Finally ❤️❤️
Kidist holding around Yo Maps neck at their wedding

The beauty of a covenant marriage is in keeping Christ at the center. When we commit to a covenant marriage, we are joining together our hearts, our flesh, and our lives in a supernatural way that only God can truly orchestrate.

Yo Maps smiling

Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh (Genesis 2:24).

Yo Maps dancing at his wedding

The beauty of a covenant marriage is that if done well in keeping Christ at the center, the couple will leave a blueprint for marriage that will last for generations to come.

Yo Maps Kissing Kidist at their wedding
Finally ❤️❤️

Both the husband and wife make sacrifices to grow together as they make Prayer, Scripture, and Love the foundation of their lives.

Yo Maps Kissing Kidist at their wedding
Finally ❤️❤️

Kidist’s Remarks (Mrs. Mulenga)

Kidist Kissing Yo Maps at their wedding
On the 23rd of April 2022, reality finally became better than my dreams, I stood besides my best friend on the altar before not only our families but before God too and graciously said ‘I DO’.” – Mrs. Mulenga (Kidist)
Kidist performing some dancing skills at her wedding
“What I was actually saying in that moment is, Elton Mulenga! Bashi B, Bashi T! I did, I still do and I’ll always do!
The journey to this point has been a rather interesting one…God indeed works in mysterious ways,
” she added.
Yo Maps get-up at his wedding with Kidist
We have cried so many tears together leading up to this point, and I must salute you! Your love and support has never wavered, you gave me strength in times where I Beckmann weak and reminded me of how God is still on the throne! You gave me hope and courage. You reminded me of the beauty I carry within myself when all I saw was anguish,” she continued.
Kidist wedding with Yo Maps
“Today 2 years down the line we stand before everyone as husband and wife, and a big reason for this is your faith and courage! You have suddenly stopped being a sin-in law you’re now officially a son in law, isn’t that great ??cheers to many more laughs wechipondo! God has smiled on us!”
Yo Maps & Kidist Wedding Rings
“It is with profound sadness that as we ended our celebrations we lost a mentor in our lives! The knowledge and love he showed to us both is unmatched, we can only sit and wonder but continue to trust in God for he has never left our side,” she signed ~ Mrs.Mulenga

So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.”

Yo Maps and Kidist Chilanga Mulilo Photos

Few weeks earlier, the couple confirmed that they are now proudly set to tie a note via “Ichilanga Mulilo” and shared their traditional photos.

Yo Maps & Kidist Kifle in African traditional wear - Zambianface.com
“Fwebakuchaume ❤️❤️”

Some of their celebrity friends graced the celebration, and the lovers drenched in fire traditional get-up.

Kidist Kifle in African traditional wear

Congratulatory messages flood on their timelines after confirming that they are utterly set to get married.

Kidist smiling in African traditional outfit
“To God be the glory!”
Yo maps wife, Kidist praying while kneeling down
Never underestimate the power of a praying woman,” captioned Kidist.

Kidist has completely demonstrated that she is a spiritually powerful woman.

Even the Bible mentions several women of virtue and influence both in the Old and New Testament. A buzz book we all refer to for such insights is ‘Proverbs’ 31: 10-31 where a woman’s attributes are highlighted as:

She is a reliable person, she has a favorable impact on others, she is a dedicated worker, she is an organizer, she is a guardian.

Kidist at chilanga mulilo outfit

What is Chilanga Mulilo in English?

Icilanga Mulilo is a Bemba driven term literally translates to “Showing the Fire” in English. It is the ceremony that takes place before a couple is wedded. Currently, this ceremony has spread to other local tribes in Zambia.

The purpose of this ceremony is to introduce the Bride‘s food and cooking culture to the Groom‘s family.

Watch: Kidist Performing Chilanga Mulilo Cooking Skills

Kidist Performing Chilanga Mulilo Cooking Skills

In order to obtain these virtues and more, a woman must continually be on her knees in prayer and consistently direct her path with God.

Mr & Mrs Mulenga (Yo Maps & Kidist)
“Huge Congrats to you Mr & Mrs Mulenga ❤
Wishing you years of abundant Love and Blessings. @yomapsofficial,”
noted Roberto Zambia

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