Discover the Ecstatic that Lies Concealed in Cynthia Indopwana


By 11dem on February 16, 2021

Model, fashion designer and actress, Cynthia Indopwana. A strong muse with immense enthusiasm for high fashion noted for her philanthropic work.

Hailing from Kitwe, after the hard work in 2019. Cynthia kicked off modeling, serving a huge gleaming art of herself as the source of inspiration for lots of models.

Despite her not doing any pageant yet, modeling has been for her. And she’s got the looks to go along with that passion. In her career, Cynthia has worked with numerous photographers as a photo model and walked for the Desac Fashion Show.

While traveling and making friends remain her hobbies, she also brings her passion, strength and vitality required for modeling. With the exception of that, she’s also the Founder and Director of the newly launched Kitwe Fashion Week.

Height: 1.62 m
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black

Her contents have been prepared and issued in Z-Face African Beauty Campaign.

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