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Lone Meditator Biography, a Zambian Hip-Hop artist

Lone Meditator Biography

On the surface, Lone Meditator is a Zambian Hip-Hop artist, rapper, and songwriter whose way of living has contributed significantly to his conviction that music can be used as medicine as well as to relieve stress.

Hailing from Kabwe, Lone Meditator was born Priest Chali Kapini in Kalulushi, Copperbelt Province, Zambia on April 23, 2000 to a gentle father called Davison Chali Kapini and a gorgeous mother named Patricia Mwepu, who subsequently passed away on August 19, 2005. (MHSRIP).

Following his mother’s demise, Priest was moved to Kabwe where he was raised by his mother’s young sister, Benia Mwepu, a professional soldier. In fact, she has been fully responsible for him since late 2005 up to date.

Early Childhood

From 2007 to late 2010 in Kabwe, he attended Nambe Basic School for his primary level (G1 to G3). He transferred to David Ramushu Basic School from G4 to G7. Later, he attended Jasmine Secondary School in Kabwe as well for his junior secondary level. And having a smooth transition into his senior secondary schooling, he went to Lua-Lua Secondary School in Kasama.

I was the academic prefect in 2017_ 2018 intake. And am currently single since Feb 2020,” says Lone Meditator.

Music Career

Late in 2018, Priest alias Lone Meditator started making music after being inspired by a friend. When he first started, he initially assumed he would just give it a shot and then hold back, but to his astonishment, soon after recording his first track, “Am Sorry,” in which I had featured Rolex, the same friend who had inspired him to do music, he realized that not only music was entertainment, but also the medicine for his soul.

Then in 2019, he started taking it more seriously in terms of the lyrics, style, and flow, but he still regrets spending more time writing songs than putting them out.

While he had just one track released and more than 50 tracks on paper, people who recognized him as a musician began pressuring him to give them a taste of his music.

Lone Meditator Biography

Therefore, in June, 2020, Lone Meditator made the decision to concentrate more on song releases than songwriting, and since then, 16 of his songs have been released and made available:

  1. Mastermind ft. Sanch Breezy
  2. Short Lived
  3. Paper feat. Cozmo
  4. Forget Me
  5. The Truth is Bitter ft. Action knowledge & Mowry Lee
  6. Tefyo Naba feat. Vee Boy
  7. Mukankabila
  8. We Tried feat. Secret Macs
  9. Lonely
  10. Downfall
  11. It’s All On Me feat. Buzz Kay
  12. I Feel Good feat. Chillz Breezer
  13. It’s Tough Here
  14. Christian Bae
  15. Out Here
  16. Stop Sign

What effects have these activities had on you?

Taught me to be confident and never to act like a person who knows everything because no one does. In short, life has taught me to be humble and helpful to everyone despite their status in society.

In what way are you recalled today?

I think I’m remembered as a person who believes in hard work as something that settles all human solvable problems.

Why did you choose to pursue a career as a musician?

I chose to pursue this career because I believe music is medicine and a stress relief thing. And never forgetting the business part about it (fame and Cash).

What steps are you taking to make it better?

Practicing a lot and surrounding myself with people who challenge my art. And I believe lyrical content is my greatest strength.

What are you most proud of so far?

I got myself some reliable fans off my hood and off it. To mention a few; Mutwe Wa Nsofu in Kabwe, Apollo Barracks in Lusaka West etc. I’ve made myself available on online streaming platforms like Apple Music, Boomplay, and Spotify among others.

Your objectives or any other vital facts about you?

My being here has been because of other people. With that said, I also have that passion of wanting to help other people just as I was helped.

Thanks to the following people who have and are still helping me out on this journey:

  • Gemwizy – my day one Producer
  • Medias Kapini – my supportive sister
  • Cozmo – my fellow supportive rapper
  • Happy Mwepu – my supportive Cousin
  • Chris Kellah – my current producer
  • My family and friends as well as all those I haven’t mentioned.

They say every story has a beginning, it’s expansion, and it’s decline, and looking at the level of my story, I can say; am just at the first page of my career,” noted Lone Meditator.

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