MK Macky 2 Reveals His Plans for Music Retirement

Macky 2 retirement MK Macky 2 Reveals His Plans for Music Retirement Mulaza Kaira

Macky 2 Announces his Music Retirement from the Industry

Zambian rapper, Mulaza Kaira, widely known as MK Macky 2 has officially stated that he is taking a break from being actively making music to focus on his family and other ventures. Macky 2 Retirement

The rapper has now divulged his plans for when he hangs his boots. Macky 2 stated that he hopes to pass the baton olo the torch to upcoming artistes.

Well, Macky 2 has had quite a beautiful journey as he’s been busy with many events, but he’s managed to balance his music career and family life.

The star announced his retirement from the spotlight on social media following the release of his Last Album, which is set to be released on June 5, 2022.

Check out Macky 2 Retirement note below:

Happy Sunday To Everyone Who Prayed For The Down Fall Of KMP.. Your Prayers Are Working.

Kalandanya Musice Promotion (KMP) Logo

The Most Powerful Music Promotion Company We Have Ever Seen In Zambia Is Crashing Down Before Our Very Eyes.. The Company That Has Changed The Lives Of Over 50 Prominent Zambian Artists Is Now Losing Its Grip And Can Barely Stand – The Company That Brought So Much Development And Pride To Zambian Music Is Being Torn Down Instead Of Encouraged.

To Our Chairman Mr Kalandanya.. Thankyou For Believing In Us And Investing Your Hard Earned Money In An Industry That Has Never Been Considered Lucrative – Thankyou For Single Handedly Changing The Face Of Zambian Music. Thankyou For Sacrificing Everything.. I Personally Will Understand If You Never Want To Involve Yourself Ever Again After All The Dirty That Has Been Put On Your Name Apa Pakati. I Guess They Will Only Appreciate You When You Decide To Leave.. You Are A Hero In My Eyes And One Day Your Story Will Be Told.

Macky2 in a suit sitting

To All Zambian Music/ Macky2 Fans.. I Have Given This Industry My All And It Has Given Me Back So Much More. Now Its Time For Me To Step Back And Watch From The Background.

But Before I Go..

On The 5th Of June 2022 I Will Release My Last Album And Retire From Actively Making Music.. Its Been A Beautiful Journey.. But I Ran My Race And Now Its Time To Pass The Baton. Olo The Torch. 5 – 06 – 2022 Save The Date. #KMP4Ever,” noted Macky 2.

Macky 2 flaunts his muscles

However, upon his retirement, social media fans and celebrity friends have rushed to their TL to express congratulations messages to the famous Umupondo MK Macky 2.

Despite the fact that Macky 2 delivered the news, many Zambians adore him and may not be willing to let him go. The announcement of his retirement has sent shockwaves over social media.

Macky 2 Biography

Mulaza Kaira better known as Macky II, Macky 2, MK Macky 2, DJ Bugar rather King Buga, and Flava Boy, is a multi-award-winning Zambian hip hop artist, singer, songwriter, and producer. He was born on October 10, 1984.

MK Macky 2

He is most known for his participation in the ninth season of Big Brother Africa, where he came in third. Kaira is from Chingola, Zambia and is the founder of the Macky 2 Hope Foundation, which helps orphans and vulnerable children.

Music Career

After attending the Catholic church in Ndola as a youngster, Kaira developed a strong interest in music. And he initially kicked off as a music video producer operating under Danger Zone label in Chingola. He later moved to Ndola where he built his own music studio named Alpha Entertainment.

In 2011 he left Ndola to travel to Lusaka, where he launched his album Ndimupondo with Alpha Entertainment and J-Kayo on the Digital X label.

Two tracks from the album, “I Am The President” and “Number 1 Fan,” were played on the radio and garnered great feedback from listeners.

Kaira‘s album Legendary won the Zambia Music Award for Album of the Year in 2013.

In 2014 he was nominated in the categories of Best Mainstream Artist, Best Hip Hop/Rap Album, and Best Collaboration at the Zambia Music Awards.

Big Brother Africa 9

Mulaza Kaira listening to music while busy on phone

Kaira was a contestant on Big Brother Africa‘s ninth season, and some viewers were saying he was “too quiet.”

He remained in the house for the entire duration of the event and received a lot of support from his followers and Zambians in general.

He continued in the house till the ninth and final week, when he finished third and was eliminated.


Macky 2 with an award in his hand

To mention a few among others…

Personal life

Macky 2 and his wife Hantinga

Mulaza Kaira is married to Cheelo Hantiinga with whom they have a Daughter and a Son.

However, on Sunday, May 8, 2022, the star announced he would be retiring. His final album release date and time on the music charts will be June 5, 2022.

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