Theresa Chalwe Juggles her Modelling Career with Music

Theresa Chalwe alias Carissa Thena Juggles her Modeling Career with Music

Bombarding the modeling scene with natural qualities of furnishing style, Theresa Chalwe alias Carissa Thena, is a passionate muse trotted out to put in the hard-work. She juggles her modeling career with music

The aspiring female model has her passion divided across a number of careers, and modeling is one we cannot ignore.

Carissa was born and raised in Lusaka, Zambia on September 5, 2001. Her passion for modelling crept into her at a very tender age, too young to elevate her keenness, but prevailed immediately she completed her secondary level.

Immediately I completed my secondary level, I started seeking for an opportunity in the modelling world because I believe the little experience I have will help me to transcend in this industry,” she says.

Theresa Chalwe alias Carissa

Those who love fashion shows, pageants and photo models would be great admirers of the works of Carissa. After all, she has a certain set of qualities to make it in the modeling setting.

She takes pleasure in writing songs, singing, rapping, acting and socializing as she keeps “God” as her substantial clout. She lines herself up to do extra well in both her modeling career and her music career.

Theresa Chalwe alias Carissa

Ever since I was young, I have always had that passion to be in front of the camera so as to showcase my skills, and because I was confident that I am an artist, I started writing songs. I would join a group of artists (be it models, rappers, actors or singers)…” she narrates.

Theresa Chalwe alias Carissa

I am also confident that I have the qualities and features of a model,” she adds.

While serving from Lusaka, Carissa believes that directly managing herself by observing her qualities and features can fuel her imagination.

And apart from having the right “look,” she also has a need to make a good impression on a wide range of people as part of her work.

Theresa Chalwe alias Carissa

Greatest Strength?

My greatest strength is my vision. Every time I reflect on it, it makes me work harder and push harder. It keeps me going and not wanting to give up.”

Theresa Chalwe alias Carissa


My goals in modelling is to become a megastar and create my own agency which will emphasize much more on cooperation than competition, which will not pick models based on their facial structures but on their confidence, passion and their hard-work…

Theresa Chalwe alias Carissa

Apart from modelling, I am also a Gospel artist, I create music and am good at rapping.”

Listen to her coruscating debut single here: Carissa – “Hallelujah” (Official Audio)

She lines herself up to do extra well in both her modeling career and music career. And by taking the modeling career, she has found out that each person has a unique way of showcasing skills in the limelight.

While serving from Lusaka, Carissa is ready for photo shoots in Zambia but also ready to travel to other destinations in Africa.



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