7 Excuses to Overindulge & how to Take Control

7 excuses to overindulge & how to take control

7 excuses people use to overindulge

Overindulge! Even if you have a well-balanced diet that focuses on high-quality whole grains, lean proteins, healthy fats and plenty of veggies, there are times when your eyes are inevitably bigger than your stomach.

We all are guilty of making excuses when it comes to eating healthy. But when you think about it, there’s really no reason to scarf down all that “bad for you” food.

So don’t let excuses get in the way of eating healthy! Here we shoot down some common excuses for putting away those extra calories:

1. I’ll start being healthy tomorrow (next month, after the holidays)

Why wait? Start now and you’ll see the benefits sooner. Take small steps to build lasting healthier habits. And so you’ll be amazed at what you can do — one bite at a time!

2. Someone brought donuts (or cake or pizza) to the office

It’s OK to pass on the freebies! Keep some healthy snacks handy to curb the cravings. So if you do indulge, find a way to get some extra physical activity at work!

3. It’s a holiday (or the weekend or date night)

Life has lots of special occasions (and weekends)! Indulging a little on holidays won’t hurt — but you can plan ahead for special meals that are healthy too. For example, hack your holiday cookies by using oatmeal, fruits and nuts as main ingredients.

4. I’m down in the dumps (or stressed to the max)

You blew a work deadline, had a flat tire or left your wallet at the grocery store. “Comfort food” is calling you. Bigger stresses, like unemployment or caring for a sick relative, can also cause you to overeat — even when you’re not hungry. So try taking a brisk walk and reaching for a healthy snack.

5. It’s hard to find healthier choices when eating out

Restaurants are changing! Healthier options are everywhere if you know what to look for. Look up menus online ahead of time, and don’t be afraid to ask about substitutions. if you’re tempted to overeat, skip the buffet. So try sharing portions or saving half for later.

6. I already blew it with that cookie

Nobody’s perfect. Focus on what you can do next, not on what you did last. You can also try planning ahead to eat well on the run. Hint: Portable snacks like fruit, nuts and popcorn can save you from the vending machine.

7. I don’t have time to eat healthy

You can cut up a carrot and slice some strawberries in the time it takes to call the pizza place and find that coupon. And so salad is a great make-ahead meal, and the possibilities are endless.


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