7 Amazing things Coffee can do Without Drinking it

7 Amazing things Coffee can do Without Drinking it

7 ways to make the most of coffee without drinking a drop

Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans, the seeds of berries from certain coffee species.

For people who manage to make it through each day without tossing a cup of delicious bitter bean water, coffee might seem totally useless.

So even if you do run on java, you may not realize how useful those leftover grounds can be. From fertilizing your garden to making boxed brownies taste homemade.

1. Exfoliate your face

Finely ground coffee is gentle enough to use as a facial exfoliant. And it’s also packed with antioxidants that are great for your skin. A mixture of coffee grounds, brown sugar, avocado oil, and coconut oil, with additional options to modify it based on your skin type.

2. Dye some fabric

You’re one large pot of coffee away from nailing the natural prairie look. So dyeing your clothes fifty shades of tan really just entails soaking them in brewed coffee for varying lengths of time. These additional tips can help you get your desired results. Using coffee as dye can come in handy if you need to dirty an item for a Halloween costume. Or upcycle an already-stained kitchen towel.

3. Clean your fireplace

Cleaning out your fireplace can fill the air with ash, making it a pretty miserable task even for people without respiratory issues. Sprinkling a thin layer of coffee grounds on top first will prevent the ash from rising when you sweep it up.

4. Enrich your baked goods

Coffee-flavored cakes, muffins, and other desserts are delicious to anyone who loves a good cup of Joe. But coffee can also take certain baked goods to the next level without making them taste like moist, fluffy espresso beans.

5. Enhance your fish bait

There’s not much scientific evidence that coffee does indeed attract more fish. But plenty of seasoned fishers vouch for its efficacy. There are even coffee-scented bait products on the market. Gone Outdoors recommends letting worms wriggle around in coffee grounds for a while before putting them on the hook.

6. Fill a homemade pincushion

Filling your homemade pincushion with dried coffee grounds will keep all your pins in one place and make your sewing box smell delightful.

7. Eliminate lingering odors on your hands

The natural deodorizing property of coffee can help when you want to get a stubborn stench off your hands too. Mix a pinch of coffee grounds into your soap and scrub until your fingers no longer smell like onions, garlic, or whatever else you’ve been chopping.


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