7 Best Times to Drink Water & Boost your Overall Health

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Best times to drink water and boost your overall health

When are the best times to drink water? Best time to drink water for weight loss! Well, in this article, you will learn the seven best times to drink water during the day and boost your overall health. When is the best time to drink water?

Water has no adversary, goes the famous saying, and with regards to the prosperity of the body. Water clearly assumes significant jobs.

You may as of now be comfortable with the suggestion to drink in any event eight glasses of water every day so as to remain appropriately hydrated.

However, drinking eight glasses of water to stay hydrated is not enough. Knowing the specific times that drinking water can actually boost your overall health and cognitive functioning is equally as important.

Science shows that drinking water at the correct times of day can help to prevent common problems such as stomach pain, IBS, bloating, fatigue, overeating, high blood pressure, constipation, and even heart attack and stroke.

Here are the 7 best times to drink water during the day:

1. First thing when you wake up

To begin your day, you should drink a glass of water right when you wake up in light of the fact that drinking water on an unfilled stomach is useful to your body both inside and remotely.

That early morning glass of water not just kicks off your mind and body out of the rest of the mode, it additionally disposes of any poisons and obstinate free radicals that have aggregated in your circulatory framework short-term.

When next you have that glass of water before anything else, recall that you are cleaning and refining your body’s interior.

2. Drink water before a meal

Drink one glass of water 30 minutes before a meal to help digestion and keep your caloric intake in check. The water helps to prepare your intestines for the food coming in; water wakes up taste buds and moisturises the stomach lining so brittle or acidic foods won’t be uncomfortable. Drinking water before your meal also prevents over-eating.

3. Drink water before and after a workout

Depending on your body’s fluid levels at the time, you may need one or more glasses of water before you hit the gym to protect against dehydration during your workout. Keep yourself hydrated while exercising, but avoid drinking too much.

After your workout, it’s important to drink a lot of water to replace the fluids lost through sweat and humidity.

4. Drink water before a bath

Drink one glass of water before taking a bath to help lower your blood pressure. The water should be warm to promote dilation of your blood vessels, which causes blood pressure to drop.

Furthermore, drinking water dilutes sodium levels in the body, which further aids in lowering blood pressure.

5. Drink water before bedtime

An hour prior to bed will help you replenish any kind of fluid loss during sleep. If you are fully hydrated before going to bed and sleeping, you can lower the risk of heart attack and stroke, as dehydration elevates the risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

A heart attack occurs mostly in the morning because the blood is thicker due to loss of water. But if you are a patient of a kidney stone or heart problem, it is advised to avoid this glass. It may put extra pressure and weaken these organs.

6. Drink water when you are tired

Drinking a glass of water when you feel tired will help to power up your brain. Since your brain consists of 75% water, drinking a glass or two when you’re feeling sleepy will help to replenish your noggin’s fluid levels and increase cognitive functioning.

7. Drink water when you are exposed to germs

If you have been around sick people, drink a little more water than usual to help wash away germs and viruses that your body may have picked up. A well-hydrated body encourages bacterial and viral invaders to move along so they don’t settle in and multiply in your system.



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