How to Get Rid of Pimples (5 Effective Ways)

how to get rid of pimples overnight, how to get rid of a pimple fast, how to get rid of a pimple in an hour, how to get rid of pimples under the skin,

How to get rid of pimples (5 effective ways)

How to get rid of pimples overnight, how to get rid of a pimple fast, how to get rid of a pimple in an hour, how to get rid of pimples under the skin?

Pimples mostly form when dead skin cells, oils, or bacteria block a pore. Hard pimples, such as nodules or cysts, are often deeper and more inflamed.

Also known as spots or zits, pimples are a part of acne. They are most likely to occur around puberty, but they can happen at any age.

Pimples often affect the face, back, chest, and shoulders. This is because there are many sebaceous glands in these areas of skin.

Sometimes you don’t have time to make a trip to a dermatologist’s office or a pharmacy for pimples treatment. Try these naturally home remedies when you need to get rid of pimples fast and effectively:

1. Ice

Ice can support the blood circulation to the pimples areas and remove the dirt and oil on the skin. As soon as you apply, the pimples will quickly disappear. Prepare an ice bag by putting some ice in a cotton towel or a piece of cloth and apply it directly to the affected areas. Hold it for about 3 to 4 minutes. Repeat the process several times to get the best results.

2. Honey

Honey is an amazing ingredient for how to get rid of pimples that is very powerful in speeding up the healing process. It has antibiotic property that can prevent the infections as well.

Plunge a cotton swab completely in honey, then apply it to your pimples. Let it sit for about 30 minutes before removing it. After that, clean your skin with lukewarm water and dry with a cotton towel. Do this at least 2 times a week to get the best effects.

3. Baking Soda

Baking soda is very effective in removing excess oil and dead skin cells as well as exfoliating the skin. Due to that, it is a highly regarded solution for how to get rid of pimples that are caused by the mentioned factors above.

Mix well one teaspoon of baking soda with a little amount of water or lemon juice to get a paste. Apply the paste to the pimples and leave it for several minutes. Wash it off with fresh water. Repeat the process 2 times a day to get relief soon.

4. Garlic

Cut half fresh garlic clove and apply pieces of garlic directly to the pimples areas. Leave them for 5 minutes, then rinse off with lukewarm water. Repeat the remedies many times a day to get more effects.

Garlic is well-known for antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic and antioxidant properties. Therefore, it can help you on how to get rid of pimples as soon as you apply.

5. Lemon juice

Lemon is rich in vitamin C that can be an excellently effective solution to treat pimples. Cut a fresh lemon and use a juicer to make lemon juice. Plunge a piece of cotton into this juice and apply this directly to pimples.

Alternatively, mix well 1 teaspoon of lemon juice with the same amount of cinnamon powder. After that, place the mixture on the pimples and let it sit for all night. Remove it in the next morning to see improvement.



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