How to Use Both WhatsApp and GBWhatsapp on the Same Phone

How to Use Both WhatsApp and GBWhatsapp on the Same Phone

Can I use whatsapp and gbwhatsapp on the same phone?

Yes! It’s very possible to have your default WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp on the same phone with two different numbers now. GB WhatsApp is an alternate or a modified version of WhatsApp. In essence, it is a completely different app that needs to be downloaded through an APK. That is because you won’t find GB WhatsApp on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

If you know the features of GBWhatsApp, you’ll definitely want to use it right away. You can have your default WhatsApp as well as GBWhatsApp on the same phone now. In this article you will learn How to use both WhatsApp and GBWhatsapp on the same phone. Here’s how you can download it.

How to Use Both WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp on One Phone

For all those who know, GBWhatsApp is like the ordinary WhatsApp on steroids with more features, customization, and themes. For those who do not understand what is GBWhatsApp, here you go.

  • GBWhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp created by companies that are independent of the official WhatsApp.
  • In GBWhatsApp, you can hide the fact that you’ve viewed someone’s status.
  • GBWhatsApp allows you to freeze your last seen.
  • You can hide your Whatsapp status from specific people
  • You can customize which contacts get to see if you have read their message i.e., the blue tick
  • GBWhatsApp has different themes with different colors, such as green, black, or white.
  • You can enable notifications when someone comes online.
  • Images and videos can be sent at a higher rate of speed and quality.

Difference between whatsapp and gbwhatsapp

Both GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp are almost the same in terms of interface, installation, sending and receiving messages. The only difference between them is the additional hacks and features provided by the GB WhatsApp.

A different or modified version of WhatsApp is known as GB WhatsApp. It is, in essence, a whole distinct program that must be downloaded through an APK. This is due to the fact that neither the Apple App Store nor the Google Play Store provide GB WhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp also has an option of themes available to change how the entire apps and its settings look. The theme store includes hundreds of themes that you can choose from as per your liking. When talking of FM WhatsApp vs GB WhatsApp, the GB WhatsApp is far ahead in terms of customization compared to FM WhatsApp.

FM Whatsapp and Gbwhatsapp

When talking of FM WhatsApp vs GB WhatsApp, the GB WhatsApp is far ahead in terms of customization compared to FM WhatsApp. You can change the in-app fonts, change how the double tick looks, and how the chat bubbles look.

While the original WhatsApp limits you from sending a message to 250 people, FM WhatsApp allows you to send messages to up to 500 people. Apart from that, in original WhatsApp, you can send only 30 images at once, but with FM WhatsApp, you can send 60 at once.

FM WhatsApp version can get you the advanced features that the original WhatsApp does not have. You won’t get banned from the original app like a lot of people think a mod app will do.

Now, don’t you wish you to use these versions?

Fortunately, you can have both WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp on one phone without any doubts. The standard rule is that you can’t install the same applications twice. This means, by default, you can’t have two WhatsApp applications on one phone.

GBWhatsApp is developed differently from WhatsApp, where you can use both without the need for a third-party application to enable it.

Both WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp on one phone

Having both WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp on one phone, you will need to register with two different numbers. Most phones have dual sim card slots, which means you can have two different numbers on one phone, making things easier. If you don’t have a dual-SIM facility, you’ll need to put the other sim in your phone just long enough for setting up, then you return your original sim card.

We assume you already have ordinary WhatsApp, But if you don’t, you can download it at Google Play Store or After downloading it, install it, and after installation, it will ask you to verify it by putting in your phone number. You get verification codes that will be sent by SMS and automatically detected by the application, or you enter them manually. Make sure your phone has a good internet connection. Next, WhatsApp will ask you to create a six-digit pin, and then you’re done.

GBWhatsApp has more or less the same setup method as WhatsApp. However, Google Play Store doesn’t have GBWhatsApp, as it is not recognized as an official WhatsApp version. So you need to download it at GBApps.Net

You also need to use a different number from the one you have applied for your ordinary WhatsApp as well. Like WhatsApp, you will be asked to enter your phone number, get a verification code, and then create your pin. When you’re done with your set-up process, then you officially have both GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp on one phone.

Bottom line

Both the apps FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp are great and include features absent from the regular WhatsApp. But as they are not official, there is a very high possibility that they can expose your data, and your privacy can be at risk.

Therefore it is not advisable to use them if you want; you can use them at your own risk. The best option is to use regular WhatsApp as it comes with message encryption and timely updates.


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